The Walking Dead: Ricktatorship

I’ve tried my best to not ruin the season premiere of The Walking Dead. I’ve actively avoided articles or posts that may contain spoilers. Even though I know the two don’t intertwine much, I refused to even read the comic books that deal with this season. But, despite by best efforts, I found myself drawing conclusions from things as simple as set photos that I had stumbled upon. From those photos, I discovered that one of my favorite characters…

That’s not important.

As promised, The Walking Dead, season 3 premiere episode “Seed” started off in the thick of it. It has been months since we last saw the survivors and they all look a little long in the tooth. They are desperate and looking for a safe place to call home, especially seeing that Lori is pregnant and ready to blow.

They’ve been traveling around, house to house, looking for a place to settle and prepare for the baby. But, no matter where the group goes, the meandering hoard of walkers that we were introduced to in season 2 keep finding them. That is until Rick and Daryl, out on a hunt, stumble across a prison. Although it is filled with lame brains, Rick thinks it best to attempt a takeover and break into it instead of out. It’s interesting how the end of the world can turn a place of imprisonment into a bastion of freedom.

At the end of last season, we were introduced to what Chris Hardwick (The Talking Dead) called “the Ricktatorship”. That phrase couldn’t be closer to the truth. In a move that would make the Highlander proud, in killing Shane (spoilers), Rick has absorbed the hardass qualities that made Shane so lovable. He has been pushing the group to it’s breaking point, and even then, he has the gull to push for a little bit more. It’s that stubbornness and determination that gets…

No, I can’t go there.

Although the show doesn’t always stay true to the comic book, there is one thread that binds the two mediums together — nobody is safe. It is known that both the show and the comic book will end with every character dead or undead, but how they get there, that’s the story. Remember, this show is more about the human struggle to survive against the odds than the zombies. The undead are just a hurdle the survivors must jump to get where they’re going.

As the season rolls on, we will learn many more truths about the human condition, which is just as unpredictable and incurable as the zombie infection itself. We will also learn, if we haven’t already, that in a world where everything is free for the taking, there is still a price you must pay to get what you want. And that price was paid by…

A large price will be paid when you break into the prison.


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