You’re 12 Carl! How I Feel About Carl Grimes

Hello all! I’m so thrilled to finally be able to contribute to the blog! I’m even more excited to be writing about my (and I’m sure your) favorite show The Walking Dead!

We are now two episodes deep into season 3, and all I can say is I am impressed and completely engrossed! I think this season is truly defining to the series as a whole, we see the characters in a totally different environment and new situations. I love this show, I love how it gets me shook up! I can be completely happy one minute and then utterly enraged the next. I have a lot of thoughts regarding our favorite zombie television series, but one thing, rather character, that is constantly coming to my mind is Carl Grimes. I just have so many different thoughts about this kid, it hinders my ability to decide whether or not I like him.

I have so much internal conflict about Mr. Carl Grimes. Honestly, Carl annoyed the hell out of me in the second season. Every 30 seconds he was grumbling about not being able to help or do anything, that’s cause you’re 12 Carl! And do I even need to bring up the fact that he was a factor in Dale’s death? Although I have all these negative feelings towards the kid, I do see a lot of potential with him. I think his character development is growing with each season. In season one, we see him with Sophia learning multiplication or whatever it was. He has a very child like innocence to him still even though there’s a zombie apocalypse going on. By the time season three rolls around, Carl is going off alone and shooting walkers and talking about it as if he just beat little Sally in a game of pick-up-sticks! However, even though he was crucial to Hershel surviving, I feel like Carl is a hot-headed like Shane. Carl doesn’t have Rick’s decisive attitude, Carl acts out without thinking things through. I wonder how much of a nuisance he’s going to become to the group, or is he’s going to turn into this totally badass who chews on tin foil?

Any thoughts? Keep in mind I haven’t read the comics, much to my dismay, so I have no knowledge of what goes on in comic book land!



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