Talon #1

This week was not the most important week in comics. It did not see the death of a beloved hero or most hated villain. It did not see the relaunch of multiple titles to pull off a continuity overhaul.

Hell, there wasn’t even a Before Watchmen title this week.

However, just as with each week, this week did have its big events. And the biggest of these events almost certainly had to be the premiere of a brand-new DC series complete with a brand-new DC hero, the eponymous Talon!

Yes, I know Talon #0 came out a month ago during DC’s massive Zero Month event. But, that was just back story. It was set five years ago, and from that already distant past, it managed to flashback even further to Calvin Rose’s childhood.

So, technically, this is the first issue that is taking place now. All that other stuff was prelude and prologue. This is the first bite of the enchilada.

As a series, Talon is already settling in pretty nicely. We can see Calvin’s connection to the Court of Owls of Scott Snyder’s Batman story arc. We can see that he doesn’t want much to do with them anymore, even though they’ve got plenty of ideas for him.

And he’s already got an Alfred of his own in the character Sebastian Clark, in that Sebastian takes him in, nurses him back to health and slaps a bad-ass costume on him. Oh, by the way, Talon first dons his armor in this issue. I’d warn of spoilers first, but it’s on the cover, so deal with that.

But it’s not until the last panel, and the reveal is pretty good.

The only problem I have with this is that it suffers from First Issue Syndrome. In other words, it tries to cram everything into this issue to establish a bit of back story for the character development to grow on AND set up the coming story line. So, it does feel like things are a bit rushed, and the narration is intensely verbose, but it’s all in the name of properly setting things up for coming issues.

And honestly, almost every first issue of almost every series does that to try to grab the readers’ attention as soon as possible. I think the only ones that don’t front load like that (in my experience, at least) are Grant Morrison and Alan Moore. You’ll be hearing my feelings on the work of the latter of those two soon enough. Trust me, Moore will take his time setting things up, but he knows what he’s doing. They both do.

And that’s not a stab at Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV. If anything, this is one of the new titles that I’m most excited about. I’m a tremendous Batman fan and a huge fan of Snyder’s, and I truly can’t wait to see where this title is going.

As for the highlight of this issue, all I can say is this:

Step 1: Grab dagger and taser.
Step 2: Stab dagger into the head of a foe.
Step 3: Use taser to shock the hell out of dagger that remains in foe’s head.

Yeah, it happens. Pick up this issue for that sequence alone, and enjoy it for the rest of the blossoming awesomeness.


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