The Walking Dead: Sitting Pretty

Welcome to Woodbury. It’s cozy, it’s secure and it’s got fish tanks full of zombie heads! Whoa, I think I jumped ahead of myself there. How about we back it up just a little bit?

*WARNING: There are spoilers afoot*

This episode, titled “Walk With Me,” follows Michonne and Andrea as they come across the recent crash of an Army helicopter. The helicopter seems to have been shot out of the sky, but that isn’t made immediately known. As they attempt to comb the downed craft, a group of men pull up in SUVs. Out walks a talk man that we know from the previews as The Governor. Andrea and Michonne, hiding in the bushes, see the men kill the undead soldiers and take the pilot with him. They assume that they are murdering these men, because they don’t know that everyone is infected. But, just as they think they are in the clear, they are cornered by Merle, Daryl’s lost brother.

The group takes Andrea and Michonne back to a gated town called Woodbury, where The Governor pumps Andrea full of medicines to help fight her illness. As she gets better, Andrea starts to make her way around the town and begins to feel a little comfortable with the security of the place. But, Michonne isn’t so relaxed. She acts uneasy and is ready to leave as soon as possible.

The pilot of the helicopter is placed in Woodbury’s hospital and is looked after by The Governor. While there, the pilot tells The Governor that he was on a mission for a larger group of National Guard soldiers. He said that those men were waiting on him. The Governor promised to go find them and bring them back to Woodbury. But, when The Governor finds them, he ends up murdering them and stealing their equipment. We find at the end of the episode that The Governor had the pilot killed and his head placed in a fish tank.

He still had the bandage on his face in the fish tank.

As Andrea put it, The Governor is “sitting pretty at the end of the world.” However, as we find out, you’ve got to pay a price to sit that pretty, and usually it is paid at the business end of The Governor’s gun. I’m sure that will become very clear to Andrea and Michonne soon enough, once The Governor gets what he wants out of them. If it weren’t for Merle knowing Andrea, the women would most likely be dead by now. But, they have information The Governor wants — they may know where to find Rick and his supplies.

In just one episode, we discovered how frightening The Governor can be. To his followers, he is a strong and merciful leader who will do anything to keep them safe. In reality, he is a cold and ruthless tyrant who is worried about his own selfish interests. Although he says his intentions are to keep his town safe and supplied, he is simply out to retake the world for his own. If he weren’t out for domination, control and fear, then why would he keep fish tanks full of zombie / victim heads in study?

What kind of person is he?

The Walking Dead is one of two shows on the air right now that deals with the end of the world and the rise of unlikely leaders. On the show Revolution, the Governor-like figure is a character named Sebastian Monroe. He was once a sergeant in the Army, but after the world changed, he took advantage of it and became a tyrannical leader of a country called the Monroe Republic. Although we don’t know The Governor’s origin yet, it can be assumed that he came from very humble and powerless beginnings.

From what we’ve seen The Governor do already, it is a given that the battle for the prison will be bloody and fierce. It has already been said that many main characters won’t make it, just like in the comic book. How they will die, however, is part of the drama and the suspense. One thing is for sure, though, we will all see the ultimate price both sides will have to pay to sit pretty at the end of the world.


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