Sasquatch: There’s a “Kill” debate?

Okay, I’m not assuming that Bigfoot is real. Personally, I’m up in the air on this; interesting arguments can be made either way, but that’s not what this is about. The first time I heard about this debate I thought I had misunderstood, but I did some research and unfortunately there was no misunderstanding.  Certain groups that believe in the existence of Bigfoot, believe that they should (and are actively trying to) kill a Bigfoot, and produce a body to prove its existence.

Seriously!?! Am I the only one who finds this logic RIDICULOUS!?! It’s no big surprise that this theory has a big following in Texas. Texas…home of the Cowboys, and the world’s most obnoxious sports fans. Texas is also basically the home of the death penalty. More people are executed in Texas than anywhere else in the country. They’re so good at killing people that, bored with that, they seem to have set their sights on a possibly mythical creature. Using bizarre logic, a Bigfoot group based out of Texas, The Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy, has reasoned that in order to SAVE Sasquatch, if the opportunity to kill one comes along, someones gonna bust a cap in Bigfoot’s ass.

Oh, but it gets worse! According to Texas Parks and Wildlife officials “no species that is undocumented is scientifically protected” Ergo, if someone did run across a Sasquatch, because they are so rare that nobody has been able to PROVE their existence, its okay to shoot one and possibly destroy the species entirely. I’m not even going to get into whether Sasquatch should be considered indigenous or exotic…the answer is obvious, as the name Sasquatch is Native American. Now, I’m not sure who remembers this, as the government has done a lot to try and make people forget, but Native Americans are also indigenous (well as close to indigenous as humanly possible). They were here way before the rest of us started killing them off. Anybody noticing a pattern with the killing? Being indigenous actually hurts their case, because we as a nation do seem to enjoy killing off people and animals that were here first. If Bigfoot can be considered indigenous (which it is), since it’s not officially an endangered species (because no one knows for sure if it even EXISTS), it can be hunted and killed. Someone explain that logic to me!! No seriously….please?

Okay, I’ll stop picking on Texas now, and broaden my focus some. There are many reasons that some people feel that an effort should be made to kill a Bigfoot. Too bad they’re all wrong. The most popular argument is probably that producing a body is the only way that we will have absolute proof that Bigfoot exists. Never mind that at this point, with no knowledge as to their numbers, for all we know killing one could decimate the population. Our curiosity is NOT a good enough reason to kill a creature whose intelligence level is unknown. Admittedly, I’m a little bit biased as a vegetarian. That being said, I think we can all agree that IF Bigfoot actually does exist, our inability to confirm its existence is probably explained by one (or both) of two things. Either, one, there are so few of them that they manage to avoid detection for that reason. Or, two, they are intelligent and sentient enough to purposely avoid detection. Either option should be reason enough to NOT try to kill them. The two options could be equated to killing a California Condor, or killing another human being. One option is bad because it could destroy the entire species, the other option is bad because for all we know, they’re just as intelligent as us.

Another argument, possibly more ridiculous, is that we need a body to prove they exist so that we can…save them? That’s a popular argument as well. They’ve managed this long with no help from us…we should leave them the hell alone. They hide so well that we aren’t even sure that they exist. The “we have to help them” excuse is just that, an excuse. It is an excuse for us to satisfy our own curiosity. The aura of entitlement coming from these groups is sickening. They hide behind the assertion that they are trying to help and looking at the big picture in order to do so. Well I call bullshit. They aren’t trying to help, they’re just looking for a reason to run around in the woods and play soldier and shoot at things, and Bigfoot has given them that reason. I would rather nobody ever find out about Bigfoot than for one of these guys to get their filthy hands on him. Hopefully they keep hiding, and nobody ever finds them. So I guess my message is this, (And I’m channeling Chris Crocker here, so you have to imagine me with runny eye-makeup) LEAVE BIGFOOT ALONE!!!!


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