Ellwood City Comic Sale!

First off the bat, I don’t mean for this post to sound boastful. That’s not the point at all. The point is to show how to get the best (READ AS: highest quantity of) comics for your money.

TANGENT: If you want to know about comic quality, that’s a whole different animal. And of course, you’d get a different answer from everyone. I’m very partial to DC and Image, with a smattering of Avatar Press titles thrown in. My nerd-brother Leroy almost splits the fence between DC and Marvel, finding great things from both. My girlfriend Allison essentially won’t read anything if it doesn’t star Batman (or extended Bat-Family), Lady Death, Vampirella, or any of the Zenescope characters, but she’s new to this and is still feeling her way around.

New Dimensions Comics has quite a few stores throughout Pennsylvania. Every so often, the flagship store in Ellwood City, PA, has a pretty large sale on comic books. There was one at the end of September (on my birthday!) in which the entire basement was opened to the public. Nearly half a million comics were on sale for the low price of $1 each.

Who could resist? I know I couldn’t!

Leroy and I made the trek and I dropped $100 of new-found birthday money on comics. Happy Birthday to Greg indeed!

Now, if you are concerned about missing that sale, don’t be! They are opening the basement again in January, and I’m sure we’ll be there, pulling stacks of old and new comics home to fill our longboxes.

Why is this important now? Well, it’s because the Ellwood City store just had another sale yesterday. But this one was different. Instead of longbox after longbox of $1 comics meticulously sorted for nerd picking pleasure, the longboxes were in no particular order. That’s right, 50,000 randomly inserted comics to choose from. Why did we bother pouring over longboxes for 4 hours?

Because the comics were only 50¢ this time! And if you could manage to fill a longbox, it was only $100, regardless of have many comics it held.

But honestly, between me, Leroy and Allison, couldn’t fill a longbox. Allison had 73 comics ($36.50), I topped out at 68 ($34) and Leroy came in right at his self-allotted $25 limit with 50 comics. What a steal!

And for those of you who think it’ll just be a bunch of no-name trash comics from failed companies, think again! Leroy landed some of Frank Miller’s Robocop that he’s been hunting down. Allison had mostly Vampirella and Fallen Angels in her stack.

And to drive my point home, here’s a detailed list (sorted by company first to show it’s not just stuff from Valiant or Eclipse) of every comic I got for 50¢ yesterday:

America’s Best Comics:

Promethea #1-2, #14-15, #30

Antarctic Press:

Fail of the Dead One Shot

BOOM! Studios:

Farscape (2009-2011) #10, #18
Farscape: D’Argo’s Lament #1-4
Farscape: Gone and Back #2-3
Farscape: Scorpius #0, #3, #4, #6
Farscape: Strange Detractors #1-2

Dark Horse:

B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth – The Long Death #1
Dr. Horrible One Shot
Flaming Carrot Comics #28
Penny Arcade One Shot


Batman Blackgate #1
Batman: Devil’s Asylum #1
Batman: The 10 Cent Adventure #1
DCU: Brave New World One Shot
Flashpoint #5
The Kingdom #1
Saga of the Swamp Thing #2
Showcase ’93 #8
Solomon Grundy #5-7
Swamp Thing (1984-1996) #66-68, #70-73


The Invisibles #1, #14

Dynamite Entertainment:

Total Recall #3-4 (which I’ve been hunting down for over 6 months now)

Fishwrap Productions:

Fish Police #1

IDW Publishing:

Clive Barker’s Seduth One Shot
Dungeons & Dragons #0
Karney #2


Curse of the Spawn #1
Invincible #61
PVP #1
Spawn #3, #6, #8, #11-12, #17


The Megalomaniacal Spider-Man #1
The Ren and Stimpy Show: The Powdered Toast Man Special #1
Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do #3

Red 5 Comics:

Atomic Robo #1-2

SilverWolf Comics:

Fat Ninja #1-3

If you do the math, that’s $34 for a stack of comics with a $190 comic price. With the values adjusted to what I would expected to pay for this stack of comics based on the current values, that’s almost $230 worth of comics that I snagged $34. Now, I did hop over to the main store to get Machete #0 and a couple of back issues of The Walking Dead that I’ve been trying to hunt down, so I did spend around $40 altogether. But that’s a steal!

So, yes. Maybe I am bragging a bit. But this just goes to show you to be ever-watchful of sales going on in your area. We try to keep people updated about these sorts of things via the Let Us Nerd Twitter page, but since Let Us Nerd is located in North Central West Virginia, we can’t speak for sales not in our area. So be sure to let us know of any sales going on that we can Spread The Nerd about.


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