Ame-Comi Girls: Wonder Woman Vol. 1 Review

Tenderizing some beef

Wonder Woman had not been one of my favorite heroines until now. When I picked up this bit of paper I had expected it to be a bit more of a manga-styled comic due to the name. However it seems the collectable statues that inspired the series are really the only thing that shows a heavy anime influence. In the Ame-Comi storyline of Wonder Woman the story starts before she has left the Amazon island yet. Diana, her true name, is quick to fight with fists or words and is far from her reserved, stoic, judicial older self. In a way it reminds me of a Disney adaptation with a rebellious princess. But boys do not turn that page there are still plenty of hot chicks with cleavage and attitude. The story also contains little bits of humor such as her hating the outfit she is sent out into the world in. Also in this story line they do explain her odd battle armor as a blend of amazonian armor and American symbols to show the Amazons are adopting our way of life.

The storyline starts out with the U.S. military discussing the island nation of Themyscira. They know there are many myths about this island supposedly inhabited by a warrior race of females and that the sea surrounding it is full of sea-monsters. The facts are that anytime anyone gets near the island there are intense storms with waves able to capsize boats accompanied by weird interference with technology, and intense fog. No one has really documented an actual lading on the island. The military knows that within the next few hours the island will be under attack by Kasnia. The country of Kasnia, fictitiously located in the Balkans, originally showed up in the Superman storyline. It is constantly in between times of peace and war; mostly between the northern and southern part of the country. The President pretty much says no one has really been to the island, satellites only show a few hundred people on the island and it is a waste to have a national conflict over a few hundred islanders that are uncivilized and completely unable to protect themselves. A young officer Steve Trevor, who was promised to be the first on the isle is outraged by the discernment for the last uncontacted tribe to be wiped out.


However, the poor defenseless culture was an isle full of beautiful deadly Amazonians. Even though they are a race of incredibly strong woman warriors Themyscira is an isle nation who highly value peace. It is a place far from the bloodthirsty world of men. Queen Hyppolyta has learned of the incoming attack and quickly makes ready the warrior tribe. This is not something they are not trained for but something they fear as it is not a peaceful solution. The queen orders Diana to stay in the palace and to not join the fight as she is the only heir. Hyppolyta is often calling her an undisciplined, immature child and of course rebellious hot-headed young Wonder Woman is quick to put her “armor” on and head out into the thick of the battle anyways. The fight sequences are insane to say the least. At one point her silhouette is kicking a beheaded soldiers head like a soccer ball. In another she rips a rocket launcher away from another soldier and turns it against him.

After the battle ends the Queen is furious at her daughter for disobeying her yet again, and perhaps sees her daughter is as battle thirsty as the invaders from the outside world of men. Hyppolyta knows the first wave of soldiers was merely a test and more will come to wipe out their peaceful way of life. She announces that they will make a pact with a powerful nation to keep them safe and that Diana will go as the ambassador. Diana is furious that they would make a pact with men. Men who are below her. Her mother sees she is arrogant as a man and is the best candidate to go to their world where perhaps she will learn humility, and also why peace is the answer. Diana seems to posses qualities of the outside world that the Amazonians do not condone. In a way it is almost like Diana is a tom-boy. However it is more she is arrogant. She is seen at one moment saying “typical male, unable to follow the simplest of directions.” when she finds herself above the rules she is given.

So Wonder Woman lands on the White house lawn in the middle of the night on a winged horse in a star spangled bikini. From the start she is unimpressed by the men in power who think she is a weak girl. A press conference is held where she is pretty much called a liar which furthers her disdain for this world. However at this moment Steve backs up her statements For a few panels she is speechless. You can see the surprise in her eyes and she almost looks like she would blush. Perhaps it is because she thought every man would treat her as an unequal whereas he seems to hold her above him defying everything she had been taught.

The conclusion of the first issue goes fast. It is not poorly written or executed but leaves you wanting more. The press conference is interrupted by Cheetah. After a quick fight Wonder Woman has her lasso of truth around her neck and finds out that she was hired as a hitgirl from an unknown boss. The last few pages are a small conversation in a lair between poison ivy, Catwoman , and a very steampunk Duella Dent. They had watched the fight and it becomes clear Duella somehow has a hand in the whole ordeal. Overall I thought that this was a fantastic read. There was action, blood, humor, underlying themes, and of course awesome chicks in armor. Needless to say I can not wait to read Issue 2. My only complaint is that there will only be three issues.

Duella’s Steampunk Lair of Evil


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