Arrow: Is The Quiver Too Full?

I’ve watched every episode of Arrow, except for the episode “Lone Gunman,” and I think it’s safe to say that I like the series a lot. As I’ve stated before, I’m no Green Arrow expert, but the episodes I’ve seen so far have really brought other lesser known DC Universe / Green Arrow characters to life. I can’t complain about that, because I’ve always been a fan of the not-so-famous characters in the comics, or rather characters most non-comic reading superhero fans wouldn’t know of easily. Red Hood. Deadshot. Nightwing. Bat-babe.

Okay, I made that last one up.

Or did I?

In an attempt to fit in all these lesser known characters, however, it seems to me that Arrow is becoming a bit cluttered. Don’t get me wrong, the writing is great. The action is pretty awesome, too. I’ve even seen comparisons between this show and Chris Nolan’s Batman model (If DC were smart, they’d stick with the Nolan model for a while. It’s their best defense against Marvel’s movie making formula.) and I can’t say that I’d disagree. I think they could sense the excitement of DC fans and they tried hard to fit in many characters to satisfy them. There is so much going on in Arrow, between Oliver’s mom and the Well-Dressed Man, Oliver and John Diggle, Oliver and Laurel, and Oliver and all of Starling City’s criminals (So many Olivers and so little time!). Although it isn’t confusing to me, someone who is totally new to the DC Universe could have some trouble keeping up with it all.

Now, let me step back for a moment and make a confession to you right now. I’ve never watched a single episode of Smallville. I say that because I’m not sure what formula they may have used for that show. Did they throw tons of characters into the series like they are with Arrow? If so, then I shouldn’t be so worried, because Smallville lasted for 10 seasons with the 11th season released as a comic book. I just fear that Arrow will burn itself out of characters a few seasons into it’s run. But, perhaps my ignorance of the Green Arrow universe places my fears on false footing.

After all of this, though, I am still excited for the future of Arrow. We could see some awesome characters appear on the show in the future. Personally, I’d like to see Red Hood on the show. I’ve read that there was talk of having Batman show up at some point. But, if you can’t get him (You know, with saving Gotham and all) why not bring in his somewhat disgraced ally? Or, if the reference of the train to Blüdhaven means anything, we could see Nightwing at some point, which would be his first appearance on a live-action show to my knowledge. And what if the CW could get Kyle Higgins to write that episode?

We already have Geoff Johns, lead Green Lantern writer, penning an episode, so why not?

Here is a preview of next week’s episode, “Legacies.” 

What do you think of Arrow so far?


2 thoughts on “Arrow: Is The Quiver Too Full?

  1. I’m just sad that so much of the show suffers from awkward dialogue and performances. I want to keep liking this show, I really do, but it’s getting tough for me to stick with it.

  2. One of my biggest problems with acting comes from Stephen Amell (Green Arrow). I guess it’s supposed to be part of Arrow’s persona, but I find it difficult sometimes to deal with his almost monotone reading of lines. I guess that’s the direction he wanted to take Arrow, because he is much more animated when he is playing Oliver Queen. I know that Batman always has a different voice when he’s Batman, but when Oliver Queen is just being the “real” Ollie, I feel that he should talk in that flat tone. It almost takes away from the seriousness of some of the scenes. But. maybe that’ll all be worked out by season’s end. Well, I can hope at least.

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