George Lucas Might Not Be So Far, Far Away

Opinions vary around Let Us Nerd HQ when it comes to Star Wars. Some of us don’t mind the prequels and some of the updates Lucas had made to the original canon (I am talking about myself, of course, but I do not agree with Greedo shooting first or Hayden Christensen at the end of Return of the Jedi to name a few.). Yet, there are others who don’t, as you’ve read in the previous post, and that’s completely fine. Around here, we all hold Star Wars in different places in our hearts, and we all have varying opinions about the films. It’s these differences in opinion that makes Let Us Nerd great.

Does this face look like the type that would shoot second?

But, don’t get Greg and I started on the differences between Imperial Officers and Imperial Engineers. That’s a story for another day. Rather, that’s a story for all day.

When I set out to write this little post, I wasn’t planning on crushing any dreams. I wasn’t expecting Greg to have posted his thoughts on the Disney takeover of Lucasfilm and the future of Star Wars just yet. So, as much as I hate to do it, I have to break Greg’s heart and possibly your heart as well. Believe me when I tell you this that I do this with love.

My ChargeGeorge Lucas may have a bigger hand in the upcoming Star Wars trilogy than originally thought.

My EvidenceI present to you Exhibit A:

It looks like ole Georgie Boy will be in the room while the writing goes on. As a writer, I can see how having Lucas in the room would put stress on a mind that’s struggling with the daunting task of writing a new Star Wars film. They’ll probably feel like they’ve been thrown into the Rancor pit and be forced to consult Obi-Wan Lucas to escape. In reality, though, Lucas is more like the Rancor and should be out of his misery.

Door falls. Everybody’s happy. Roll credits.

From early reports coming out about the film, which just snagged Little Miss Sunshine writer Michael Arndt, this movie will have a host of new characters. So, why would you bring in Lucas as a consultant for a movie that is as new to him as it is to you? Why not consult him on continuity and nothing more? I believe that there’s enough fan fiction and able bodied Star Wars fiction writers out there to consult without bringing Lucas into the fold. The man said he didn’t want to make Episodes VII, VIII and IX anymore. Why not grant our my his wish?

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “George Lucas Might Not Be So Far, Far Away

  1. It’s interesting because although Lucas is a consultant, and they’re working on outlines he originally conceived, he has stepped down as the head of Lucasfilm and Disney does own the rights to the entirety of this franchise. Which means that when it comes down to the finished product, what we end up seeing on screen, there are a lot of others who will have the final say; unlike the Special Editions and prequels. I look at it as Gene Roddenberry’s role in The Wrath of Kahn. He was essentially a consultant on that one but the director and Paramount Pictures had final say. Which of course resulted in the very best of the Star Trek films. Lucas is a great idea man, but it takes others to make his ideas a reality. Which is why the The Empire Strikes Back (The Star Wars film he had the least involvement in) was so refined and amazing. So far, I think the sequels are off on the right foot – They have a writer whose talent is proven and understands character over spectacle (much like Lawrence Kasdan). If they get a like-minded director (Irvin Kershner was the perfect partner to Kasdan’s script) then we could be set for a new golden age for Star Wars.

    • That’s what I’m hoping, Dustin. It’s funny you mention The Empire Strikes Back, because it’s my favorite of all the Star Wars films. I am really wanting Lucas in just a “do we put an R2 unit here” sort of role. If given the space, I can see these movies being great additions to the franchise and possibly a good stand alone trilogy. But, it’s probably to early to tell. We can start bitching sometime next summer when the filming begins.

      • Empire is simply the most well made of all six. They had an amazing screen writer like Lawrence Kasdan, and an excellent film maker in Kershner. They understood that by focusing on character and exploring what makes them who they are and finding ways to push them, you are then able to make the special effects all the more spectacular, because people will be invested in what’s happening. These sequels already have a fantastic writer. Now all they need is a great director ( I heard Alfonso Cuaron was being considered – that would be incredible) to make something we can be proud of again. I think that even if George wanted to have more of a final say in what we end up seeing, he won’t – simply because he’s literally no longer the man in charge. And anyway, he sounds more content in letting others do well by his baby than ever before. He knows his movies are, so far, in excellent hands.

  2. In response to the Imperial Engineer/Imperial Officer controversy, we swore to never speak of that again…

    In response to the rest of the post… well, shit.

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