Dexter Season 7… So Far

Tonight’s the night. And it’s going to happen again, and again. It has to happen.

Dexter night. Every Sunday.

I’ve missed the past few Sundays. I know I haven’t been keeping up to date on Showtime’s “Dexter” as much as I’d like or as much as you deserve. It’s not as easy now that I don’t have steady access to Showtime. But I’ve managed to make it work for me. The details aren’t necessary. (Cough cough)

Regardless, this season of “Dexter” has been an exciting one. Here’s a quick breakdown:

This season begins where the last left off, with Dexter holding the knife he just plunged into Travis Marshall’s chest, and Deb walking in to see the whole thing happen. Dexter lies to her, claiming it was temporary insanity (not his Dark Passenger) that called him to kill. He convinces her not to call it in, so they torch the church and go home. It’s ruled a suicide, said to be Travis’s final tableau. Capt. LaGuerta finds Dexter’s discarded blood slide in a vent, setting off her sidebar in which she begins gathering more evidence against the Bay Harbor Butcher from season 1. She hasn’t done anything else so far this season.

Meanwhile, Viktor Baskov kills a cop after he discovers a body in Viktor’s trunk. Dexter kills him, and Isaak Sirko (who may have been Viktor’s lover. That’s just speculation, but it’s implied fairly heavily) flips and vows to ruin Dexter. More on him in a minute.

Speaking of ruining Dexter, Louis Greene is still around, cancelling Dexter’s credit cards and making videos about his desire to see Dex wallowing in a ditch of his own filth and sickness. Dex breaks in, threatens Louis, gets him fired and tricks Jamie into seeing a video of him with a hooker. Louis goes to sink his boat, the Slice of Life, and Sirko kills him. Technically, he also hasn’t done anything else so far this season. My gut tells me we won’t see him again.

See? I told you. He’s dead.

Sirko continues his run, scorching the earth left and right. He kills a bouncer at one of his clubs and goes after Dexter because Louis drops his name. Dexter leads him into the den of rival drug-dealers, and Sirko kills his way out, landing himself in prison.

Meanwhile, he tries to pay Quinn to look the other way and close the cop murder case. Quinn starts hooking up with one of the strippers in Sirko’s club, and Sirko uses her as leverage. Quinn destroys blood evidence linking Sirko to the scene of the crime, so he walks. Then, Quinn does the strangest thing we’ve seen: he uses the money to finance Batista’s dream of retiring and buying a restaurant. That’s it for those two.

Dex and Deb are much more complicated. Dexter tells Deb about his Dark Passenger, and she has a hissy fit. Deb makes him move in with her to keep from killing. But, neither of them can handle it. Dexter wants to be left the hell alone so he can stalk and kill, and Deb doesn’t want to be around him to see him do that kind of thing. She accepts the fact she can’t change him. It honestly only takes a couple episodes, so she comes off as pretty forgiving.

Enter Wayne Randall and Hannah McKay. Wayne and Hannah went on a killing spree 15 years. Wayne’s in jail, and Hannah got off easy for throwing him under the bus (not literally). Wayne agrees to point out where some of the bodies are, but he only does it to get a bit of time in the sun before throwing himself in front of a truck (literally).

Hannah meets Dexter. They really hit it off, mainly because she’s a killer herself. She helped Wayne kill his victims years ago and has been poisoning anyone close to her ever since the string of murders. Dexter puts her on his table, but has a change of heart and cuts her loose, sexing her immediately afterward.

Enter Sal Price. He’s written a book on the murders and wants to write another about Hannah’s involvement. He’s convinced that she’s been poisoning anyone close to her ever since the string of murders (HE’S RIGHT!) and gets too close himself. After hitting on Deb for maybe one day, he interviews Hannah and drops dead in Dexter’s apartment later that night. Surprise, surprise… Hannah poisoned him.

Of course, Deb finds out and flips again. She suddenly comes to terms with Dexter’s secret, as long as it helps her. Deb asks Dexter to kill Hannah McKay.

Rolls credits.

As the replay shows, it’s a bit more convoluted than past seasons, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. For me, this season hovers somewhere around the middle of the pack, but that’s how every season that Dexter has a love interest is for me.

Well, except season 4. Trinity was WAY too amazing. Such a fantastic season.

The other ones at the top of my list are the first season with Rudy/Brian and last season with Travis Marshall. Those tableaus were completely twisted. For me, the worst season was definitely season 5. I couldn’t care at all about Lumin, and frankly, I’m glad she’s gone. I really hate Julia Styles too, so that didn’t help.

But, this season’s love interest Hannah feels a little bit like Lumin. She’s blonde, she’s a little crazy, and I really can’t tell if she’s attractive or not. Ok, maybe she’s more than a little like Lumin. It’s basically Lumin with poisonous plants.

Hannah = Lumin + (Poison Ivy – 90% of the sex appeal) + mediocre acting

Regardless, I’ll stick it out through this season, mainly because I understand there is one more after this and I’d really like to see if things wrap up the way I suspect they will.


1. Dexter won’t kill Hannah McKay because he “loves” her.
2. Quinn will get himself or someone else killed.
3. LaGuerta will figure out that Dexter is a killer, setting up the final season.
4. Masuka will may awkward sexual advances toward every female character. (Sorry for cheating. I know that one is a given.)
5. Hannah will poison someone close to Dexter, causing him to fly off the handle and kill her, nullifying my first prediction.

Even though this isn’t my favorite season, I can feel something good coming down the pipes. I mean, I didn’t like the first “SAW” movie until the last 5 minutes, so I’m holding out that the writers are building towards something astounding.

But, I could be wrong. Only time will tell.


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