Happy Thanksgiving!

Things have been a little slow around Let Us Nerd this week. But, that’s okay. It’s Thanksgiving and no one likes the smell and taste of a good Thanksgiving Day feast quite like a roving pack of hungry nerds. We want to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday as you put down the Magic cards and comic books and replace them with forks, knives and lots of hand gestures as you describe The Hobbit’s newest trailer to your little cousins for the twelfth time.

But, before I go, I would like to pass on a little Thanksgiving Day tradition to you. Back in high school, comic book nerd Greg and I had the same teacher for Algebra II. His name was Mr. Elliot and before we left for Thanksgiving break on year, he shared a little song with us about Thanksgiving… and other things. That song was called “Alice’s Restaurant” by one of my now favorite artists, Arlo Guthrie. To this date, it is the only song I know of that deals with Thanksgiving, and that’s how it should remain, honestly.

Now, we’d like to share that song with you…

Now, go out there and make today a Thanksgiving Day that can’t be beat. We’ll be here to nerd out for you when you get done. And, we’ll be waiting for your leftover turkey sandwiches. You’d better have turkey sandwiches!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Let Us Nerd Crew!




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