Peace, Love, and Dexter.

NOTE: Big spoilers area afoot! Enter at your own risk!

There certainly was a lot of death in that episode. I know that’s weird to say after an hour with everyone’s favorite serial killer, but it’s true. Two anonymous burn victims, two hitmen of various backgrounds, Sirko’s surly, unpleasant Russian attendant, and Isaak Sirko himself all kicked the bucket in various ways this episode. Sounds like a real return to form to Dex, right?

Well… maybe not. Dexter actually only ended one life tonight, and that was one of the hitmen sent to kill Sirko. See, Sirko nabbed Hannah, and he use her as a pawn to get Dexter to help kill the hitmen that were after him. Dexter played along, killed one hitman and led the other into Sirko’s waiting arms.

His arms just happened to have a gun in them at the time.

The burn victims died at the hand of a mysterious serial killer that uses fire as a weapon. Sirko’s assistant, Jurg, was killed by Hannah. She bashed his head in with a lamp after choking him with a fried green tomato. Sirko was done in by the club owner who got the piss beat out of him by Quinn when his stripper girlfriend told him what the club owner did to her.

So, one death out of six was by Dexter. Not the best ratio.

Now you’re just a killer that I used to know…

Frankly, this love story business is still killing me. Dexter is going soft, talking about his feelings and what not. I understand it’s character development, but come on. Plus, any other time this has happened, it’s just set Dexter up for failure. Everything’s great then BOOM… Rita’s dead in the bathtub.

I can only hope that’s what this is. Everything’s great, Dex and Hannah are in love, Hannah makes Dexter feel “safe” (his words), and suddenly BOOM… Hannah’s in pieces under the floor boards of a strip club.

You never can tell with this show, and that’s what keeps me coming back: not what’s happening now, but the prospect of what could come down the road.

Unfortunately, until something big comes up, until someone important to Dexter dies, all we are left with is peace, love, and Dexter.


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