‘Star Trek Into Darkness,’ Indeed

I was never into Star Trek before J.J. Abrams’ 2009 blockbuster. After watching it, I started to dig into the Trek universe. So much so that I bought a William Shatner fan-fiction novel called Star Trek: The Academy — Collision Course. But, my love for Star Trek only lasted a few months and it became an occasional interest.

I’m regretting that now. Especially because that puts me at a disadvantage in the villain naming game. To you, I apologize.

Star Trek into Darkness is a continuation of the new Trek timeline that Abrams has established. Unlike the original series the films are based on, this incarnation looks to be very dark, indeed. In the original series, there wasn’t much death (unless you were a Red Shirt). There wasn’t much suffering (unless you were a Red Shirt). There wasn’t really anything exciting going on (especially if you were a Red Shirt). Now, though, everything has changed. Dramatically.

Check out the foreign preview below. But, be warned that it does seem to contain some spoilers. For whatever reason, there are more spoilers in overseas trailers than in the ones played for us in the U.S. Thanks to the internet, though, we can now spoil the films all on our own.


Star Trek into Darkness opens May 17, 2013.


One thought on “‘Star Trek Into Darkness,’ Indeed

  1. I’m a tad disappointed that this one yet again features a villain out for vengeance. I love how the new Trek universe puts more emphasis on swashbuckling but would like to see something more from the antagonist threat. When they were first conceptualizing this one, I remember them mentioning they may not go the villain route and make it more about surviving space exploration. I really would have liked to have seen that especially if the rumors are true and they’re doing the Khan story again.

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