Scott Snyder and Yanick Paquette Leaving “Swamp Thing” After Issue #18

In the wake Gail Simone being forcibly removed from BatgirlDC Comics has found itself at another loss. Writer Scott Snyder and penciler Yanick Paquette are slated to leave the DC title effective after issue #18, just long enough to wrap up the present Rotworld storyline.

While I’m not exactly pleased with it, the change does make sense. Snyder is presently head writer for DC’s Batman (about which I can never say enough good) and DC/Vertigo’s American Vampire (which is on indefinite hiatus, so that really doesn’t contribute to the workload, does it Scott?). He is also slated to write the scripts for the upcoming Superman title Man of Steel and another Vertigo title, The Wake. It’s easy to see that Scott’s got a lot on his plate, and cutting Swamp Thing to make room for Superman is a smart move. Superman is simply a bigger name with more readers, and being writer for the two biggest names in the business (Superman and Batman) is nothing if not a brilliant career move.

"What Would Batman Do?" Not leave his pal Alec for Clark, that's for damn sure!

“What Would Batman Do?” Not leave his pal Alec for Clark, that’s for damn sure!

However, it does give me another reason to dislike Superman.

Greg in 30 years. Or right now, if he bought a suit and shaved his head.

Greg in 30 years. Or right now, if he bought a suit and shaved his head.

Plus, we’ll still have the amazing Batman storylines that Snyder has been cranking out recently. And I’m sure I’ll begrudgingly pick up Man of Steel, and I’ll undoubtedly like it.

Snyder did release a statement via his Twitter page today. Here it is in it’s entirety:

Hey guys – was going to wait until we got a little closer to announce this, but yes, Swamp Thing #18 will be my last issue, and Yanick’s too.

To be 100% clear: @YanickPaquette and I have been planning this ending – both an ending for us as creators on the book, and for the storyline we started way back in issue #1 – for a long time. Even before we signed on to do Swampy, we both knew it would be a limited run, as we had other projects in the pipeline we knew would eventually come to pass. But the chance to do Swamp Thing, to bring back a character we’ve both loved dearly since childhood, was just too thrilling to turn down.

That said, we both ended up staying longer than we’d planned, too, out of love of the character, love for the story we were getting to tell, love for our team, and above all, out of love and gratitude for you guys, the fans who’ve helped us do something here that many people said was impossible – make Swamp Thing a viable book in the DCU. For that, all of us on team Swampy will be forever grateful to you guys.

Truthfully, these characters are some of my personal favorites in comics, ever – the early issues by@LenWein and @BernieWrightson played a huge part in making me want to write in the first place. Then the fearless work by Moore, Bissette… The thing is, Swamp Thing has always been a series where creators did these crazy things, where they experimented, pushed themselves, imagined big, took risks – and the fact that you guys have supported our team, as we’ve tried our own crazy ideas on the book, story-wise, artistically…. it really means the world to us. It’s been a tremendous honor to write this book. And to have worked on it alongside friends like the art team – and one of my best friends in the world, and one of mu writing idols,@JeffLemire… Don’t know how to thank you all for giving me the opportunity.

Anyway, all this sounds so fucking sad, BUT – please know that these issues coming up next are the big ones – the status-quo-changing-mega-ones 🙂 – that we’ve been building towards since issue #1. So the best is still coming, with the finale of Rotworld and our shocking storyline ending in Swampy #18.

After that, Swampy will continue with an exciting new team, to be announced soon. Please give them the love and support you’ve shown us. They certainly have our blessing.

Again everyone, can’t thank you all enough for this one. You guys made this gig a dream come true in every way, corny as that sounds. I thank you, team Swampy thanks you – and from deep in the swamp, Alec Holland, Abby Arcane, The Parliament, even Uncle Anton thanks you, too.


And that’s where we find ourselves: at the beginning of issue #1 of Swamp Thing Aftermath: The Search for the Next Swamp Thing Writer. Maybe they’ll pick a big name, an industry vet, someone who’s been around the block plenty of times. That’s more than likely what will happen. Although, I will say that Snyder will be a hard act to follow, just like when Rick Veitch took over in the 1980’s right after Alan Moore’s legendary run.

Or maybe they’ll pick a no-name, a fresh face fan who loves the series, someone looking to get their feet wet with a high-selling title. With DC’s recent ::AHEM:: “lack of good judgment,” the small fry has just as good a chance as anyone else, right?

Now, if you’ll excuse me… I’m off to prepare some writing samples.


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