Warning – New ‘Man of Steel’ May Give You Chills

Before I begin, I must confess — I am not the biggest Superman fan. I was never into the films that much and the comics never sparked my interest. To me, he is kind of a boring character. He’s a modern Prometheus, minus the human making thing. Well, unless he and Lois… No, I won’t go there. And you shouldn’t have either, Bryan Singer!

But, let’s forget all of that, because this trailer has me excited about Superman again (and Scott Snyder’s upcoming Man of Steel series with artist Jim Lee doesn’t help my excitement either).

Man of Steel is the upcoming cinematic effort from ‘Watchmen’ and ‘300’ director Zack Snyder and producer Chris Nolan, best known for his work on the ‘Dark Knight Trilogy’. From what we can gather from the previews, it follows a young Clark Kent into manhood, all the while trying to determine what sort of man or hero he will be. It sounds like your typical story, right?

Take a look at this new trailer and see what you think (It gave me cold chills). As for me, I’ll be there with a leotard on. Or maybe just a Superman shirt. I dunno, I haven’t decided yet. Let us know what you think below.

Man of Steel is set to premiere nationwide on June 14, 2013. 


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