Leroy’s Top 5 Internet Memes of 2012

The internet is a beast of many heads. Sometimes the head that faces you is something awful. But, more often than not, you are staring into the eyes of the funny head. This list is meant to highlight those goofy images or games that made us laugh out loud at the office or in the home. So, without further ado, may I present to you my list of the Top 5 Internet Memes of 2012.

 #5 – QWOP

Did I QWOP right?

Did I QWOP right?

Although QWOP isn’t a meme, this game is damned funny. In terms of internet time, it’s a relatively old game, first created in 2008.  Even now, as 2012 ends, this game still ranks high as one of the most frustrating / hilarious games in internet history. It’s a fun game to pass around to your friends or screenshot when your “runner” ends up in weird or compromising poses. If you haven’t QWOP’d before, you should get to QWOPing now!

#4 – Binders Full of Women

Binders Full of Women

Politics can be infuriating at times. But, if you are like me, you wade through the muck in hopes to find some nugget of comedy. During the second presidential debate, Mitt Romney delivered pure comedy in a style that only he can garner: As an out-of-touch rich white guy with no basis in reality.

Here is the quote that launched a thousand memes and Twitter accounts:

“I had the chance to pull together a cabinet (while serving as Massachusetts governor), and all the applicants seemed to be men… I went to a number of women’s groups and said, ‘Can you help us find folks?’ and they brought us whole binders full of women.”

Not only did Romney lose the election, despite having binders full of women to vote for him, he now has a meme that will prove to be as timeless as Shakespeare.

Baby In A Binder R-Money


#3 – McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed

Van Gogh Is Not Impressive

You put in months and years of work. You have to tryout and beat out numerous other competitors to secure your spot. You travel all the way to London to compete on the world stage. And, despite all of that, you end up with a silver metal. To me, that isn’t so bad. Sure, you wanted the gold, but winning a metal at all is pretty impressive. But, not to McKayla Maroney. She isn’t impressed at all.

Thanks to one ill-timed photo, the world had a new meme to display it’s displeasure with the marvelous or the mundane. This face has been reproduced by comic book characters and world leaders alike. But, it doesn’t matter where you put McKayla, it is guaranteed to be funny.

Deadpool Is Unimpressed

McKayla Is Unimpressed With The POTUS

Demons Don't Impress McKayla

  #2 – Monkey Jesus

Monkey Jesus

If being an American has taught me anything is that the Do It Yourself spirit is usually the best spirit to have. But, in the case of the century old fresco in Borja, Spain, perhaps the Do It Yourself spirit should have been left to the professionals. Well, for the sake of internet comedy, it was better left to the amateurs.

This fresco of Jesus, titled “Ecce Homo” by Spanish painter Elías García Martínez, was in serious need of restoration. In August of 2012, local artist Cecilia Giménez took it upon herself to restore the painting. When it was revealed, a BBC Europe correspondent said it looked like a “crayon sketch of a very hairy monkey in an ill-fitting tunic”. Thus, Monkey Jesus was born.

Despite it’s grossness, the painting is now being hailed as a piece with cultural relevance. Many want the abomination left as it is. I would guess it isn’t so bad for the church, because the painting has brought many tourists though it’s doors. And, it has sparked many memes for our entertainment pleasure.

Monkey Jesus Don't Want Titanic Monkey Jesus Monkey Jesus in Rio

#1 – Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat

The internet loves cats. On some sites, Saturday equals “Caturday”, and that means you post pictures of cute cats to bask in their fluffy goodness. However, one cat has risen above them all. That cat would be Grumpy Cat, and Grumpy Cat isn’t afraid to share her melancholy with with world.

Yes, Grumpy Cat is a she.

According to her official website, Grumpy Cat made her debut on September 22, 2012 on a Reddit message board. Although it is claimed that she isn’t really that angry, Grumpy Cat has become the symbol of all things bah-humbug. No matter what you are happy about, Grumpy Cat is the only cat bold enough to bring you back to reality.

So, instead of trying to write more about Grumpy Cat, it would be better to show you her work instead. Besides, Grumpy Cat wouldn’t be impressed with my flattery. She can see through all the bullshit.

Grumpy Cat's Holiday Cheer Grumpy Cat on The Walking Dead Le Miserable Grumpy Cat on Candy Canes

Grumpy Cat on Gangnam Style

Honorable Mentions


Mert Rermner


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