Streaming Who

Happy Who Year everyone!

Netflix has finally combined their selected Classic Doctor Who stories into one title. This makes finding them and streaming them much easier. To take advantage of the new convenience I will be watching/reviewing them in chronological order.

Getting into Doctor Who can be daunting. 50 years worth of materiel is a lot to consider. Which is why it’s easier to watch everything from 2005 to now, and then go back to the older stories. Even that is almost too much to handle. Especially if you try to watch every single episode from the very beginning. So the Netflix option is perfect. They’ve selected some of the best of the classic era. There’s a bit from each Doctor, giving you a healthy sampling of their distinct flavors.

This is something I’ve been planning for a while now. My hope is to review a story every Sunday. While that is going on, I hope that everyone reading this will join in and watch along (Assuming you have Netflix. Who doesn’t?). Then when my review is posted, please share your thoughts and feelings in the comments. This could possibly turn into a film club of sorts. Instead of films, we watch Who and talk about it.

Join me this Sunday for the William Hartnell story The Aztecs.Then every Sunday after that for each subsequent story.



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