A New Year Update

Happy New Year, nerds! Things have been kind of slow around here since the holidays. There hasn’t been much in the way of new TV shows, comic books or films to speak of these past couple of weeks. But, now that the new year has begun to chug away, all that will be changing. Especially for us here at Let Us Nerd.

Here is a quick update:

As of right now, we are looking for some new writers to take up the slack that is left by the few writers we have trying to cover all of pop culture. That is quite a broad category of study, as you well know. So, we are looking for some brave souls to tackle some of the aspects of nerdom that we haven’t touched yet. We need writers to cover gaming (i.e. video games, RPGs, board games or anything in between), musicinternet trends, and a few more TV and movie reviewers.

If you are interested in donating some of your free time to us, send your writing samples to letusnerd@gmail.com.

Also, we are hoping to get some video reviews and a podcast up and going soon. What sort of nerd site would we be with those? Thanks to the suggestion from our Doctor Who nerd, Dustin, we’ve decided that videos and podcasts, like bow ties, are cool. Our hope, with regards to video, is to get some post-television reaction videos going soon, especially when Doctor Who comes back in a few months. These videos will be mainly instant reaction videos to show we had just watched. Nothing fancy. Just the facts.

As for the podcast, we are looking more towards a “This Week In Nerd News” kind of show with the occasional interview with guests that deal in pop culture and nerdom. Our ultimate goal is to have a podcast up and going by the time the West Virginia Pop Culture Convention (WV PopCon) returns this August, because that is where we will be able to score some good interviews for your listening pleasure.

Above all of this, though, we hope to get you guys more involved in what goes on the Let Us Nerd site. We want / need your feedback and ideas to keep this baby running. What do you want to see in a nerd-centered blog? What aren’t we giving you? What are we doing wrong? Don’t be afraid to step forward to speak your mind! We really want you to do so! If you have any suggestions, please leave them below in the comments or you can e-mail them to us at our e-mail, letusnerd@gmail.com.

May your new year be rife with comic books, movies, card games or whatever makes you happy!

With love,

The Let Us Nerd Crew 


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