The Superior Spider-Man #1

Alright, kiddos. I’m busting this one wide open. SPOILERS EVERYWHERE! If you haven’t read The Superior Spider-Man #1, or if you are behind on Amazing Spider-Man, you might want to check out something different.

Seriously. I’m not holding back. You’ve been warned.

Cover of The Superior Spider-Man #1. Last change to dodge spoilers, kid!

Cover of The Superior Spider-Man #1. Last change to dodge spoilers, kid!

Peter Parker is dead. Well… technically. Peter Parker’s mind is trapped in the dead body of Otto Octavius. Of course, that news broke almost a month ago with terrible repercussions. Anyone up-to-date on ASM knows the whole backstory. For those who haven’t, here’s the quick recap:

Ock hacked into Spidey’s mind and switched his mind and Parker’s. Peter was trapped in the dying body of Otto Octavius, but he managed to break out of his prison and rage against the darkness for a short period of time. Spidey/Otto feels conflicted about what he should do once Parker passes. Otto’s mind begins mixing with Peter’s memories and experiences, crafting a completely different person. Ock/Parker dies, leaving Ock in Spider-Man’s body and allowing him to take the mantle as Superior Spider-Man.

That’s where Superior Spider-Man #1 picks up. Spider-Man visits the grave of “Otto Octavius,” paying his final… you know what. I’m just going to skip to the good stuff. Don’t get me wrong. Dan Slott’s writing is really great, but there’s something important at the end that I really want to discuss.

I’ll set the stage.

This new Spider-Man is a bit more savage, a bit more cunning, and a bit less, well… fun. He’s more cold and calculating. He’s Otto in Peter’s body, and we know what that means. Spidey plants nanobots on a member of the “new” Sinister Six and uses them to track the villains and decipher their plan. He installs frictionless floors, electric field nullifying pulses and various other gadgets to completely disable every trick the Sinister Six can throw at him.

Finally, Spider-Man stands over the bloodied visage of Boomerang, yelling about how he gets defeat the Sinister Six this time.

Parker's strength + Octavius's mind = bad news for Boomerang

Parker’s strength + Octavius’s mind = bad news for Boomerang

Spidey goes in for the kill, but he hand stops. We, the delighted comic readers, can see a ghostly blue hand holding back the finishing blow, and Otto wonders why he stops himself. Everyone thanks Spidey, seeing only the heroic deeds he has committed, not the terrible deeds he wanted to commit.

Only the reader is able to see the ghostly hand of Peter Parker stop Otto from killing Boomerang.

The issue comes to a close with the ghost of Peter Parker (stuck inside his own body with the mind of Otto Octavius) declaring not only that he is not dead, but that Peter Parker will live again. Well, at least the Peter Parker that we all know and love. That’s his goal: to return from the dead and reclaim the title of Spider-Man, the life of Peter Parker, and the love of Mary Jane.

Fortunately, Marvel has scheduled The Superior Spider-Man to be released bimonthly, meaning we only have to wait a scant two weeks to see more of Peter Parker’s plan to return to life and defeat Otto Octavius, possibly once and for all.

I started reading Spider-Man just a few months ago when it came highly recommended to me by the owner of my local comic shop, Comic Paradise Plus. He told me that big things were happening and that the world of Spider-Man would be changing significantly in the coming months. He was right, and I like to think that his recommendation was based on the fact that he knows the sort of storytelling that I enjoy, not the simple fact that he wants to sell comics. Of course, I may never know. Regardless, The Superior Spider-Man will soon be added to my pull list. If not for the solid writing, the great art and the prospect of revolutionizing the 50-year-old character, then at least to be entertained and to inform you of what’s going on.

I mean, this blog has given me great power, and we all know what Uncle Ben has to say about that…


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