The Walking Dead: Crazy Is As Crazy Does

I haven’t written a post about The Walking Dead for some time now, mainly because I’ve taken to talking about it on Let Us Podcast. Although I’ve gotten to chat with my best friend about it, I don’t think that I’ve gotten to fully flesh out what I’ve been feeling about the series up until now. So, I think it’s about time to bring back my written rant about a show that’s going crazy.

Poor Rick Grimes. Before the mid-season break, he lost his wife to a hard child birth. He lost his son to a world of chaos and violence. And, most importantly, he started to lose his mind. If you don’t believe me, read my post The Walking Dead: A Dead Phone Rings to see what I mean. As the second half of the season rolled out, Rick, to make a poker analogy, saw his previous bouts with the loony and decided to go all in.

And the odds are in his favor that he won’t lose.

Rick is starting to crack at the seams. He’s spending a lot of time alone, leaving those he fought so hard to save feeling abandoned. When he is back with the group, he start hallucinating and thinks he sees those who have died under his watch, especially Lori. His hallucinations have cause him to scare those closest to him and run off those he needed to keep close (i.e. Tyrese and his group).

Because of Rick’s mental break, the group is start to doubt his power. There is talk that Rick isn’t fit to lead anymore. After the first confrontation with Woodbury, we see Glenn stepping up and trying to lead the group. But, Rick’s biggest competition has come from his own son, Carl. More than anyone, Carl has become a product of this new world, much like Shane did back at Hershel’s farm. And, if this crude screenshot is a sign of a Carl to come, Rick had better watch out…

Lemme ask you somethin', Michonne...

Lemme ask you somethin’, Michonne…

As we can gathered from the preview for next week’s episode, a face-to-face showdown between Rick and the Governor is almost here. For Rick’s sake, there had better be. If Rick can’t get something figured out soon, someone else in the group may step up and do it themselves, rendering Rick obsolete. And, you think you’ve seen Rick at his craziest? You’ve never seen a Rick Grimes without his power.

Imma soil the sheet, an I ain't gonna change 'em!

Imma soil the sheet, an I ain’t gonna change ’em!

The drums of war are starting to beat. Which side will you be on, and are you sure the side you picked was the right one? In this crazy world of The Walking Dead, crazy is as crazy does, and no one can be trusted. Especially those with missing eyes and delusions.


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