Gathering This Week’s Magic 02 – Feb 23 – March 1

February went out with a Magical BANG! Check out some Saito’s Naya blitz chickens, Magic’s newest meme to love and Modern brewsbrewsbrews. Read these and more stories from this week’s Magic.

Polar GPs

If you read last week’s GtWM, you knew to watch Grand Prix Charlotted #GPCharlotte and/or GP Quebec City (#GPQBC) on Twitch. GPChar broke the record for most attended Magic tournament ever by nearly 500 people – roughly 2,700 people registered for the event. This caused several logistical problems – though by all accounts event staff were totally awesome and handled the whole thing well. Prominent judge Riki Hayashi who thinks “2000 player events are not good for magic in the long run.” But too much success is a good problem to have. Now is a sweet time to be getting into Magic people. Tell your friends.

Frank Skarren took down this behemoth of a limited tourney, battling with an aggressive Gruul deck in the top 8.

The Grand Prix up in Canada was Standard, and everyone expect more of the fiery bovine from last week, Boros Reckoner. Instead, Saito’s aggro chickens from a few weeks ago finally came to roost, with Nico Christiansen crushing an 806-player field using a Naya deck featuring 12 one-drops and 20 two drops. Check out the DailyMTG coverage of the top 8 decks. StarCityGames’ Valeriy looks at how to respond to this aggressive metagame going forward.

The other deck that made waves in the snow was a super-tuned version of the human reanimator combo deck that has been running around for a few weeks.

If you want more Standard data than you could digest easily, take a look at Mr. Vikabool’s Standard Almanac for the end of February.

Other Formats

New Zoo, an archetype that Smi77y developed and began championing a few weeks ago as Gruul Zoo, has been gaining steam in the modern cues on Magic online. However, as of roughly February 25th, various American Geist tempo decks and R/G tron were the most popular decks in the modern meta. This is bad news for New Zoo, which has a rough RG Tron matchup if they start running pyroclasm in the main board.

There’s no Legacy metagame info because SCG was too busy with GPChar and didn’t run its usual weekly Legacy open.

Upcoming Tournaments

This coming weekend you can watch some sweet Standard and Legacy from SCG Vegas. Coverage of the Standard Open starts at 1:30 PM EST, Saturday on The limited GP in Yokohama is not getting streamed. Check on Saturday morning just to be sure.

Learn about Drafting

Get a (Gate)crash course in drafting for the newbs from Brian DeMars, unless you’d rather just watch all the draft videos from LSV and the rest of Team Channel Fireball that are starting to show up there.

Brews and Theory This Week

With no Standard GPs coming up for a while and the Modern GP season about to reach its climax, the post-ban brewing has reached a fever pitch. Gavin Verhey tries his hand at the newest turn-two threat to the format, while a LegitMTG glutton for punishment tries to make a smallpox deck work.

Design/Dev Article of the Week

If you want to learn about building synergy into a set, load designer Mark Rosewater’s “Living in Synergy” from this week.

Casual Thoughts of the Week

If you are a fan of multiplayer, take a look at this piece on how to win with what casual master Abe Sarget calls the best color at the table, white. Consider these thoughts on tuning Ixidor EDH for fun and wizardly morph profit.

And if you are a scrub, check out “A Planewalker’s Primer” from 60Cards.  This is first article in a long series covering several aspects of the game.

Financial Woes Threaten the Game!

The main financial story over the past two weeks has been concerns over rampant speculation and market manipulation. The short conclusion is don’t buy into the hype, you only support the speculation price bubble in this unregulated cardboard commodities market. But just in case you hope you can get ahead of the curve, here’s LegitMTG’s Paul Fuedo to tell you there’s not much you can do with knowledge of all the aggro running around, at least financially.

Fantasy/Art of the Week

Magical fantasy has a complicated relationship with technology. Take a walk through tech in card art, from guns to crossbows and everything in between.

Whether or not you’ve enjoyed Fblthp’s rise to fame across the Internet (go ahead, Google it), you’ll probably find this view of a day in the little one-eyed creature’s life entertaining.
Lastly, check out this awesome Elves vs. Goblins infographic for some visual numbers

Social & Community Stuff

The Twitter community blew up at news that everyone’s favorite free Magic testing tool Cockatrice, had been hit by a cease and desist article from Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast. Few missed the chance to make a good pun, and LegitMTG caught some of the best. Pro-tip, a little online searching might uncover some new Trice servers if you’re dying.

Whelp, that’s it. I’m drafting this weekend and off Magic financial lockdown, so maybe personal stories from the EDH tables will factor into next week’s news.

If you have comments or questions, post below or shoot them to me on my Twitter handle @MdaveCs. GTWM is a work in progress and I’d love ideas of how to evolve it to make it more useful. Podcasts and more video content will come as a get more efficient at reviewing the plethora of writing the MtG community pumps out.

Thanks for reading
❤ Dave


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