A Big Thanks From The Nerds!

Dearest Reader,

This site has been live just short of 6 months. In the months before that, co-founders Leroy Brumage (mbrumage) and I (ghjr) talked almost every day about the idea of setting up a nerd news aggregate site with the ultimate goal of creating enjoyable content, setting up a weekly podcast, and taking the nerd world by storm.

It’s been a lot of hard work, but with the help and support of countless friends (new and old), the site has been growing ever since.

This week, Let Us Nerd hit a landmark months in the making. This week, we hit 10,000 views!

Leroy and I weren’t sure where the blog would take us, or how long it would take to take off. But just over 170 days of the site since the first post, we hit a number that we weren’t absolutely sure we’d ever see.

Here’s to the first 10,000 views, and to the next 10,000.

But most of all, here’s to you, dear reader. Thank you for your unabashed support, your undivided attention, and your insatiable thirst for all things in the Nerd World.

Make sure you stick around, too. This isn’t the end, dear reader. This is just the beginning. Leroy and I have big things in mind. We’re adding new writers with new ideas everyday! And if everything goes as planned, you’ll be seeing much more of us over the next couple years.

Thanks again, and continue to Spread the Nerd!


The Balloon of Malcontent


One thought on “A Big Thanks From The Nerds!

  1. To all Robotech ner… uh, fans. They’re doing a tabletop box game for Robotech. It’s on kickstarter and the sculpts look great. So get the game or just the mecha or lotsa mecha or… you know.

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