Gathering This Week’s Magic 07: March 31 – April 6

The word of the week is probably “spicy cat fights.” But we’re going to ignore that side of #mtg Twitter. More Junk tech, some topical humor, a look at Ruric Thar in EDH, and Magic card moods. Read all this and more in Gathering This Week’s Magic.

SCG Double Standard

So last weekend was #SCGORL with no bigger events to draw out the pros, but it was a double Standard event, meaning twice the results. On Saturday, Junk Rites took the crown again, beating Jund. Sunday was a different, more interesting story. Naya Blitz and Bant Control squared off in the finals, and aggro won the day. AND there was only one Junk deck in Sunday’s top eight, the day being full of brews.

Metagame Info

Between the SCG event and Modo, the meta is pretty clear. It’s not exactly roiling, as Junk Rites continues to dominate, but there are a number of decent decks and a few of them might have what it takes to dethrone Unburial Rites.

First, here’s a look at the two SCG Top Eights, Valerie also talks about a few techy choices for the mirror.

With a few more days of information, Vigabool offers this breakdown of the top decks in Standard. So I ask, “Do you want to know nearly everything about four of the top decks, including trends in sideboard appearances?” But I already know that yes, you do.

A friendly trade grinder said that if you look at what’s doing well on Modo, you can see about 10 days into the paper future. What does this breakdown of the Magic Online meta at the Start of the month tell you? It probably says that UWR Flash overperforms because better players prefer it, and that Junk Rites is still good, obviously. Break out those Sepulchral Primordials.

Or maybe a return to Hexproof Auras is the path? Brian Gottlieb considers your options after another week of failure to knock the top dog of the mountain. To be fair, with Gerry T mentioning this deck, it has gotten a lot of attention and is an admittedly bad matchup for Junk, so if enough players pick up the glass cannon, you could see a decline in turn four Rites for the Swagger.stalkervsthrag
Upcoming Tournaments

This weekend is the SCG Invitational. It’s kinda a big deal because a number of solid grinders and quality players run out their best decks here. Cedric Phillips has a few things to say about what to expect in the Atl at #SCGINV. If you’re not watching your already missing it. Legacy on Friday and then some Standard.


First, spoilers for Dragon’s Maze start next week and I’m PUMPED. is my “go-to” for spoilers so I don’t miss anything.

Secondly, Sean Plott, Aka DAY[9] will be participating at PRO TOUR DRAGON’s Maze. I can’t be the only nerd who is giddy with excitement for this. Day[9] dailies used to occupy way too much of my time. Good one on Wiz for making this happen for us casual nerds.

Learn about Drafting
Just when it starts to seem like the draft format is getting snore-y, Conley tells me to “first pick Spire Tracer”and I’m hooked again. #Conleyforpresident

Strategy and Theory This Week

This. This article right here. This is why I think Magic just keeps getting better. The preeminent Jackie Lee talks about the Magic player’s brain and tilt.


So this isn’t really a brew but… Esper Control feels like a bit of a change of pace. The Sam Black video this week featuring Sorin, Lord of Innestrad instead of Jace Four is also interesting. It’s nice to have at least one relatively “real” control deck.

Four words: “Dark. Wolf. Run. Zegana.” This isn’t a purely rogue deck, and zegana midrange, zegana control, even blink zegana control have seen a bit of play. But this is a cool take on four colors and jamming powerful cards. And it even has an out to hoof.

I haven’t featured TWoo in a while. The name alone merits consideration. Cower in fear ye mortals, and behold, Fognibor!

Design and Development

Here’s the You Make the Card update. Still no color vote. The vote should be soon, but in the meantime this piece has some good links to help you decide what color to pick for #YMTC four.

Casual Thoughts of the Week

This was the best April Fool’s article, and that’s even considering New New World Order. If you don’t get this, you don’t get EDH.

Is ruric thar a sign WotC finally “gets” generals in EDH, or are they just hating on spells again? Cass weighs in.

Fantasy and Art of the Week

What is your Magical mood? Check out these options to find out.

Some of SCG’s new tokens are sweet, especially the squirrel. Artist Spotlight sits down with the SCG token maker, Liz Nugent, to discuss cuteness and MTG.

Social & Community Stuff

Personal faves HotC talk about teaching Magic and sharing the love at my LGS. Have you taught Magic to anyone lately? If not, why?

So that’s another one. I’m looking for direction for GTWM going forward. Please send the feedback!

If you have comments or questions, post below or shoot them to me on my Twitter handle @MdaveCs. GTWM is a work in progress and I’d love ideas of how to evolve it to make it more useful and fun for you.

Thanks for reading
❤ Dave


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