Let Us Podcast, Ep. 12 – Ted Collins Is a Sextuple Vampire

That’s right, nerds! Like Inman and Ada or Forrest and Jenny, distance couldn’t keep Leroy and Greg apart. Behold the power of technology as our boys do their first of many Google Hangout podcasts. This week, the guys chat about Greg’s new life in Carver, Massachusetts, The Walking Dead finale, the Evil Dead remake, and about how Ted Collins, their favorite vampire who never existed, is actually a “sextuple vampire”.

And, the best part about it all? The chat was recorded via video for all the world to see! So, come in, sit down, and enjoy the show. Also, stay with the Let Us Nerd Twitter page so you can sit in on the live streaming podcasts, too! Or, if you are so lucky (or unlucky), you could just join in on a podcast yourself!

Also, remember that we are also available on iTunes! So, get on over there and subscribe (or write a review, if you’d like).


[audio https://letusnerd.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/let-us-podcast-ep-12.mp3]


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