The Veronica Mars Movie: Dreams DO Come True!


Fellow Marshmallows, rejoice! For the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign has been funded. Though, if you’ve read any pop culture news in the past month, you already knew that: the project reached its $2 million goal in under 11 hours.

This Kickstarter campaign surpassed the hopes of creator Rob Thomas, who had dreamed about reaching $5 million. The campaign earned that, and more. The final stats? 91,585 backers (the most ever for a Kickstarter campaign) gave $5,702,153 to fund the movie, proving that fans are just as tenacious as their beloved Mars.

I, for one, couldn’t be happier. When I read the news that a Kickstarter campaign for a movie was live, I was overjoyed. I actually had to leave my desk at work and head to the bathroom, because some emotional happy tears were threatening to overwhelm me.

One of my sister’s friends had lent her the DVDs at Christmas one year (during the show’s second season run in 2005), and while on college break, I watched them all. I was completely hooked. I watched every single episode I could on DVD, and then followed Veronica every week on The WB. Sadly, when The WB became The CW, Veronica Mars was not renewed, leaving fans frantic: the third season ended without a resolution.


There was a push to keep it on the air for a fourth season, with fans sending The WB thousands of Mars Bars and marshmallows, but that endeavor failed. This lack of closure has haunted fans for almost eight years. I had dreamed (as had many others, thank goodness!) that one day a movie might come along to answer our questions, and now that day has come.

So, what did you miss, if you weren’t a watcher? Why, just one of the most endearing protagonists on tv. Veronica Mars is a junior in high school student in Neptune, California. Her after-school job is working as a PI for her detective father. After two major life events (see below), she’s left her social clique and started life anew. You can’t help but love Veronica: in the first two minutes of the pilot, she rescues a student who’s been tied, nearly naked, to a flagpole. In defiance of everyone watching, she cuts him down. That about sums our girl up.


In the pilot, we learn that Veronica is intent upon solving her best friend’s murder. Heavy, right? Well, add to that the other mystery she’s trying to solve, one that’s even more personal: the mystery of who raped her. Veronica is a snarky, smart, and winning character. As they’d say back in the day, she’s got moxie. And Kristen Bell is adorable.

I cannot wait for the film to come out. I’ll be wearing one of my rewards, a swanky t-shirt, with pride. I contemplated emptying my savings account to make the movie happen (luckily, I didn’t have to, thanks to the many Marshmallows who had the same idea). If you missed the show because it was on for only the blink of an eye, you can catch up for free on The WB’s website.

The only thing that could make me happier than a Veronica Mars movie would be a Pushing Daisies film. When I read that a campaign for a big screen finale fof Pushing Daisies could be a possibility, I had to stop myself from screaming aloud. Keeping my fingers crossed for that one.

The movie will be out within the year. Until then, be cool, soda pops.


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