Peter Who?

When Peter Jackson cast 7th Doctor, Sylvester McCoy, as Radagast The Brown in his Hobbit trilogy I knew he was a Doctor Who fan. Mr. Jackson comes off like a real life nerd who made good. A guy who spent his youth consuming old sci-fi movies. Imagining himself as all the best action heroes. He owns a couple Daleks, a Cyberman, and the Fourth and Seventh Doctor’s costumes. I even read that when Sylvester came to his house, Peter asked him to grab something from his closet, and there was the 7th Doctor’s wardrobe.

Now he gets to produce all the stuff that fed and nurtured his youth. So silly ideas of him maybe, one day, doing SOMETHING Doctor Who related swam around my geeky fantasies. Like you do when it turns out someone who constantly turns out work you love and admire shares an obsession.

Turns out that fantasy might not be so silly.

A video by Doctor Who youtuber, and critic, MrTARDISreviews, brought to my attention the very real possibility of Peter Jackson directing a Doctor Who…for free!

There is no other way to put it – this would be awesome.

Not only would it bring in a MASSIVE audience, including people who never gave the show a chance before, but think of all the doors this would open. Perhaps other directors might try and step in to do their own episode. Maybe it would make a big screen Doctor Who film finally come into reality. A film that would honor the series, not reboot it like the original idea.

I honestly think that nothing but good things could come of this. If nothing else, it would probably be a great episode and that’s the mostimportant thing.

Watch the video for more details. And how about you subscribe to his yoututbe page?


2 thoughts on “Peter Who?

  1. I’d love to see this. As someone who’s not into DOCTOR WHO, I’d love to see you do a big article on the appeal of the show and why so many people love it.

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