Brief Announcement

Hello, “Constant Reader” (as our friend Stephen King would say)!

I hope y’all enjoyed my 4-part series on the work of Mr. King; I certainly had a blast with it and, having been reading King since 1995, I had a lot to say.  I’ve got some similar pieces lined up in the future, including a 3-part series on the NARNIA franchise, and maybe one on Kevin Smith‘s work (which I know will overlap a bit with some of fellow Let Us Nerd blogger Greg Hayhurst’s [GHJR] articles on Smith, which I’ve enjoyed and are very well written.

But right now I’m writing to let y’all know I’ll be taking a short break from blogging.  As you might now, I’m primarily a filmmaker.  Dustin Pinney [DLPINNEYBLOG] just reviewed my last film on his own blog, for which I am very grateful.  Over the next few weeks I will be working on my new film GODDESS OF TIME, to be shot in the New York/Long Island/New Jersey area.


GODDESS OF TIME is a dream-like fantasy about time traveling cops, and examines veterans of different wars.  I like to think of it as a female DOCTOR WHO.  Check out where we’ll be shooting our battle trench scene:

Battlefield 012

Our hospital scene in Clifton, NJ:


Hospital (3)

“Doctor, I put the lime in the coconut!”

One of our actors, Malachy Murray, in full wardrobe:

Military 002

Now I know you’re all pointing at me going: “Hey, he’s doing exactly what he criticized Stephen King for doing in the WOLVES OF THE CALLA afterword.”  And you’re right.  I’m fully aware that this is intended to be a blog, not an advertisement.  So I’ll just say that I hope you like our Facebook page here, and we’re always looking for help.  Feel free to write me at if you’d like to know more, be involved, or help out if you’re in the NY area, or even if you’re not!

Aside from that, thank you all for your readership.  Keep on nerdin’ and I’ll be back in mid-to-late May with some NARNIA and Kevin Smith for everyone!  Buzz buzz!

Military 010


One thought on “Brief Announcement

  1. Not only am I CRAZY excited for your upcoming film project, and really looking forward to seeing it completed, I’m also excited about your Narnia blogs. Like The Dark Tower Narnia has meant so much to me and helped to shape my imagination. Good luck with everything!

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