Today in Nerd News – A Hurricane on Saturn and a Star Wars Themed Baseball Game


The Hurricane On Saturn

NASA has probes all around our galaxy and beyond. One in particular, the Cassini probe caught a spectacular sight recently. The probe snapped a few photos of a massive hurricane at Saturn’s north pole. And, when NASA changes the colors on the photo, it looks more like the Eye of Sauron than a hurricane.


The hurricane on Saturn?

The hurricane on Saturn?

The Eye of Sauron?

The Eye of Sauron?

But, don’t let the word ‘hurricane’ fool you. This storm isn’t like anything we’ve seen on Earth before. From the photos taken, NASA estimates that the eye of the storm is 1,250 miles wide, and the winds at the edge of the storm top out at a staggering 330 mph.

Although hurricanes on Saturn share characteristics with hurricanes on Earth, like counter-clockwise spinning in the northern hemisphere and high-level clouds forming an eye, hurricanes on Saturn last for many many years. This particular hurricane has been on NASA’s radar since 2004, and it wasn’t until now that they were able to snap a clear photo of it.

Can you imagine the damage a storm like this would cause on our planet?

For more info on the storm, you can check out this video from

Star Wars Baseball?

I was never one for sports before I met my wife. Thanks to her, I’ve grown to like baseball and all of it’s traditions. I don’t follow the sport for stats or fantasy leagues, but rather for the fun of the game, and the feeling I get sitting there in the stadium. But, if teams were to do what this minor league team is doing for it’s fans, I probably would have took to baseball sooner than I did.

The Toledo Mud Hens, the Triple-A affiliate for the Detroit Lions, is having a Star Wars themed series coming next weekend, and they’ve got the jerseys to prove it:

Laugh it up, fuzzball!

Laugh it up, fuzzball!

The way I’ve always thought of it, baseball is a nerd’s sport. With all the history and tradition involved, an avid fan could get as nerdy as a Trekkie at the CBS backlot. So, to incorporate something like Star Wars into baseball makes a guy like me very excited. What better way could you think of spending your May the 4th than by grabbing a few free comic books at your LCS and then catching a minor league game with a Star Wars theme?

Did I mention they are giving away kazoos for you to play the “Star Wars Theme” on, too? Did I mention fireworks? And Star Wars themed ice cream? Face painting? Star Wars reenactors? And, did I mention that you should be going?

For more information, you can check out the Toledo Mud Hens’ official page for more details by clicking here.

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