Our Local Nerd Joints

Alright, nerds. I’m back.

My internet situation seems to be cleared up somewhat for the time being, and my intestinal distress is going the way of the Dodo. Time to get back to work.

As pretty much all of you are aware, summer is coming soon. Many of the colleges and universities around the nation have already allowed their senior classes to take their steps across the stage and leave their hallowed halls for good. Most public schools of the country will follow suit soon, leaving the nation’s children to wander the streets with their allowances burning a hole in their collective pocket.

What a great time to own a comic book store.

While many of those that aren’t involved with comics believe wholeheartedly that comics are just funny books for children, we in the Let Us Nerd Office know differently. But the overall carefree feeling of summer and the need to beat the heat on a daily basis drive many with a bit of disposable income to comic and gaming stores in the area. What better way to spend those hard earned dollars and stay out of the sun than with a few Marvel NOW! issues, a handful of dice, or a couple of booster packs that need properly integrated into the modified Tooth and Nail deck you’ve been running since it dropped with Mirrodin?

Inticed yet, nerds? Good.

Well, if you live in good old Northcentral West Virginia (which you may not, but that’s where LUN HQ is), then there are only 4 brick-and-mortar options for your nerd needs, two in Fairmont and two in Morgantown.


I thought it best to start with Fairmont because a) it’s closer to LUN HQ, and b) that’s where my local comic shop resides.

Comic Paradise Plus in Fairmont, WV

Comic Paradise Plus in Fairmont, WV

You want comics in Fairmont? Go to Comic Paradise Plus, located at the intersection of 4th and Walnut, which is the seedier side of town (read as: ghetto), but I’ve never had any problems over there. They’ve got all the new issues, tons of back issues, shelves of trade paperbacks and graphic novels, and lots more. CPP does have some gaming stuff, a few action figures and statues, and a few shirts. Also, they are the best shot for getting Doctor Who merch and Warhammer of all sorts in Fairmont, but they specialize in comics.

Also, when you drop in, tell ’em the Let Us Nerd boys sent you. There aren’t any discounts associated with that as for as I know, but they know us and they’re pretty friendly, so it’ll strike up a nice conversation. That’s good enough, right?

D&S Collectibles in Fairmont, WV

D&S Collectibles in Fairmont, WV

You want gaming in Fairmont? D&S Collectibles is your place. It’s in the old Middletown Mall in Whitehall near Walmart. You can’t miss it. They’ve got the market cornered on almost all your gaming nerds, minus Warhammer surprisingly enough. But if you want Magic: the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, Munchkin, or countless other games or gaming supplies, that’s the spot. Comics are kept to a minimum, just a few old boxes that have a few hidden treasures at low prices.

See? That’s why I don’t hesitate to talk about both in the same post. CPP and D&S mainly cover different areas of nerddom, so instead of being rival businesses, they are more like sister stores. And who doesn’t want two good-looking sisters that are ready and willing to take care of all of your needs, regardless of what they may be?

That’s what I thought.


Morgantown’s nerd stores have a similar symbiotic relationship, somewhat mirroring that of the Fairmont store.

Four Horsemen Comics and Gaming in Morgantown, WV

Four Horsemen Comics and Gaming in Morgantown, WV

If you’re a gaming fan in Morgantown, Four Horsemen Comics and Gaming is the spot for you. They are located next to Sears in the Morgantown Mall, and they have all the games. Seriously. Almost every single one, including things I’ve never heard of. They have plenty of space for tabletop, card and video games of all sorts, and a few new comics along the wall for you to scope out in between rounds. Four Horsemen was worked fairly quickly but wildly successful to craft a solid gaming community in the college town, and all types of nerds can benefit from it.

Gary's Comics and More in Morgantown, WV

Gary’s Comics and More in Morgantown, WV

Now, if you find yourself in Morgantown and in need of some comics, Gary’s Comics is where you should be. Located directly in the middle of High Street, Gary’s has the biggest selection of new comics, graphic novels, trade paperbacks and back issues in the area, no doubt about it. However, they don’t have any gaming, except for a few Heroclix that I’m pretty sure they only offer for the nerds that would rather display than play. Regardless, Gary’s also offers quite a few figures and detailed busts of your favorite comic book characters.

There are quite a few options for nerds in the area, regardless of what your nerd needs may be. So check out one or all of them soon and remember to support your local brick-and-mortar comics and collectibles stores, regardless of how far away from Northcentral West Virginia you may be.

We’re all in this together, nerds!


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