Today in Nerd News – Spider-man Goes Home, New Man of Steel and The World’s End Trailers [Updated]

Sony May Be Selling Spider-man Rights [Updated]

Flying Mustaches

You’d think that after one trilogy and the start of another, Spider-man would not only be a prime property to hold, but also a huge cash cow. But, it must not be as valuable as you’d think, especially to the movie rights holder, Sony. Well, that’s the rumor anyway.

From an article I’d read on GeekTyrant (it was originally reported by The Register), Sony is currently reconsidering a proposal from “activist investor Daniel Loeb that the group should sell off parts of its music and movies business, which includes popular franchises Spider-Man and Resident Evil and the weepy ballads of Brit crooner Adele.” This all being due to the fact that Sony wants to turn its attention toward it’s electronic gaming division.

From a fan’s standpoint, Spidey should make his way back to the Marvel Universe, because that’s where he belongs. Can you imagine how cool the Battle of New York would have been in The Avengers if Spider-man was fighting along with the team, and fowling up aliens in his web. Imagine all of the smart-ass’d dialogues he could have had with Tony Stark? Oh, the possibilities!

Although nothing is set in stone right now, I couldn’t imagine Marvel turning down an offer to get back one of their most famous comic book characters. And, what if Pete’s back in friendly hands before The Avengers 2 begins principle production? Do you think Joss Whedon would add Spidey last minute?  


According to GeekTyrant, Harry Knowles from Ain’t It Cool News contacted Amy Pascal, co-chair of Sony Pictures Entertainment, concerning the rumor about Spidey, and she said, “Never ever ever.” To quote Knowles’ post, “She feels the property is directly tied to her legacy and time at SONY.  Not just that, she is really thrilled by the work on the new film.” So, I guess we can all come out from our hiding spots, because Spider-man isn’t coming home anytime soon…

New Man of Steel Trailer

Man of Steel

The countdown has long been underway for the new Man of Steel film, and every new trailer get me a little more excited. And, this trailer is no different. Hurry up, June 14th!

This trailer looks great, and terrifying as well. To what lengths would one being go in order to stop a man that, from what I can tell, has done nothing to hurt him other than being alive? But, I wonder why General Zod, the villain of this flick, waited so long to come to Earth to kill Kal-El? Did he not know where he went? Was he wanting a better fight? Wouldn’t it have been easier to kill a baby? Should I just wait to see the movie? Did you see Superman’s heat vision?

Did I ever mention that I don’t really like Superman?

 New Trailer for Edgar Wright’s The World’s End

The World's End

I don’t know about you, but I love the films that Edgar WrightSimon Pegg, and Nick Frost have put out over the years. From Shaun of the Dead, a zombie apocalypse comedy that somehow became part of zombie lore (for me, anyway) to Hot Fuzz, a police comedy that was one part Lethal Weapon and one part Police Academy (I bet it’s never been described like that before), this trio has the right stuff to make a perfect, nerdy comedy. So, I expect nothing less from this last film in the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, The World’s End.

This film, following five middle-aged friends, attempting a 12 beer, 12 bar crawl across their hometown of Newton Haven, find themselves in the middle of an alien/robot invasion. And, interestingly enough, the group must make it to the final bar, The World’s End, to stop the monsters before it’s too late. You know, if they all would have just stayed at The Winchester, they could have just had a cold pint, and waited there until this whole thing blew over. But, no!

Enough of my yacking, why don’t you just check out the trailer, and see for yourself. Due to some embedding problems (thanks, WordPress), you’ll have to follow the link below to get to the video.

The World’s End, directed by Edgar Wright, stars Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman, Paddy Considine, and Eddie Marsan. The film will release in the U.S. on August 23, 2013.

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