Today in Nerd News – Quicksilver in X-Men: DOFP, A Dalek Discovery, and a 4-Year-Old Marvel Wonk

Bryan Singer Recruits Quicksilver First

Evan Peters as Quicksilver (from

Bryan Singer, you are a fiend, and a no good, ball buster… No, I’m just kidding. Loved your work on Valkyrie.

Remember when I wrote recently that both The Scarlet Witch and her brother Quicksilver may be making an appearance in The Avenger 2? Well, it looks like we’ll be seeing the male half of that mutant duo in the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past. All of this coming from the film’s director, Bryan Singer, via his Twitter page. 

See? (You’ll have to click the link below to see the Tweet, because WordPress is being WordPress again…)

Okay, so this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Evan Peters isn’t a bad actor. If you’re unfamiliar with his work, check him out on the FX’s American Horror Story. So, I’m not worried about that. I just hope that Marvel, who also owns the film rights to Quicksilver, will use the same actor for their version of the character. You know, like how Stellan Skarsgård was hired to Father Merrin in two different version of the Exorcist prequel. Granted, the rights to The Exorcist is owned by Warner Bros., but that was quite an interesting move. I write all of this, because I am a man who loves his continuity, damn it, and this had better not interfere with me seeing my beloved Scarlet Witch on the big screen, neither!

What do you think about Bryan Singer’s announcement?

 A Dalek Head Found in an English Pond

Dalek Head in Pond

When I ran across this article in my Facebook news feed yesterday, I very nearly lost myself, which wouldn’t have been good, because I was at work. But, a friend of mine posted that the head of a Dalek, one of The Doctor’s greatest enemies on the British television show Doctor Whowas found submerged in a sludgy pond in Hampshire, UK. But, even though this story is making it’s rounds on the internet now, it actually happened back in March of 2009.

Still, the story is pretty awesome to read about. Here’s an excerpt from the original Telegraph article about the find:

Sales executive Marc Oakland was pushing a rake around the bed of the shallow pool when he found the object with its distinctive eye stalk.

The 42-year-old said: “I’d just shifted a tree branch with my foot when I noticed something dark and round slowly coming up to the surface.

“I got the shock of my life when a Dalek head bobbed up right in front of me.

“It must have been down there for some time because it was covered in mould and water weed, and had quite a bit of damage. One of the dome lights was smashed, but the eye-stalk was intact and the head and neck stayed in one piece as I carefully lifted it out.”

As of the time the article was written, it was unclear exactly what era the Dalek came from. But, it was believed to have come from the Colin Baker (The 6th Doctor) Era of the mid-1980s, which was known to have shot in the area. However, regardless of the era, Mr. Oakland has quite an interesting find on his hands with the head of one of the most feared creatures in all of the universe sitting in his house. It was a shame, though, that he wasn’t able to fish an Amy out of that pond…

*Bah dah tink*

I’ll see if I can get in contact with someone to give us an update on the Saga of the Fallen Dalek, as I am not calling it. I made it up just now. Like it?

Ms. Mia Grace Is About to School You on Marvel Heroes

The Avengers

As a parent, this is what I am striving for in the years to come. This little girl, a 4-year-old named Mia Grace, has more Marvel knowledge in her painted big toe than many grown men who pass themselves off as comic book fans. So, sit back and let this little lady school you on Marvel lore.

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