Updates and News and Updates

I’ll go ahead and apologize at the start for not keeping up with the Today in Nerd News posts this week. It’s been kind of crazy here at my homestead, but I won’t bore you with too many details. But, I will bore you with these two details.

1. The reason I’d been slacking on the Today in Nerd News posts this week was because:

     a) I have horrible scheduling skills. I mean just awful. It’s not that I don’t know how to read or use a calender or anything, it’s just that I lack the common sense to sit down, plan out my week, and plan out my writing times. But, I am working on that.

     b) I was spending my time finishing up a short story submission for One Story, a monthly short story subscription service that publishes the work of unknown or little known writers. It was quite a learning experience for me in so many ways, and though it may not be close to perfect, it was definitely a good starting point for me. And, thanks to Dustin, I am trying to not beat myself up so much over it. One day, I hope to finish a work and say to myself, “Well, it is what it is. You tried your best, did what you thought was best, and, if no one likes it, oh well. At least your like it.” One day.

WV Pop Logo

2. Let Us Nerd will be represented at the West Virginia Pop Culture Convention this August! Greg and I will have a table at the Con which we hope to use as a fishing net of sorts, reeling in some of the other attendants for a podcast or two or twelve. Also, we hope to help Spread the Nerd to all the visitors by letting them know that their nerdom or geekdom doesn’t end at the doors to the Mylan Expo Center. It is a badge of honor that you should wear proudly every day of your life. So, if you are in the Pittsburgh area, Morgantown is only an hour and a half away. You can check out the convention and a list of this year’s guests by visiting http://www.wvpop.com

Be sure to keep a look out on our Twitter page and our Facebook page for more updates about the WV Pop Con and our role in the whole thing. We are definitely excited to be participating instead of just attending the Con this year, and we hope to snag some good podcasts for you to enjoy (Kyle Higgins, I’m looking at you).

And, as always, spread the nerd.



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