Gathering Several Weeks’ Magic 13: May 18 – June 1

Huge meta recap, summarizing the pending rules change, lots of new M14 spoilers and all of Modern Masters SPOILED OMNOMNOM! These hits and more just keep coming on Gathering This Week’s Magic!

Tournament Reports

Firstly, a late congrats to winner of Pro Tour San Diego Craig Wescoe, the life-long champion of White Weenie and prolific TCGPlayer writer who took down the best in the world in a combination Block Draft and Block Constructed tournament. He piloted a white-based Selesnya token aggro deck true to his roots, and has a lot to say about it. Secondly, last weekend saw an UWR Flash Standard winner and a Naya Aggro winner as SCG Dalas, while another Junk Rites deck built around Acidic Slime and Sin Collector won the GP in Guadalajara.

Spoilers, Speculation, and Announcements

Check out the spoiler lists for Modern Masters and the Core Set Magic2014 on MTGSalvation. All I can say as a casual and limited player is both sets seem exciting. In case you missed it, one of the hottest cards spoiled for #MTGM14 so far is Scavenging Ooze, a nearly $40 card previously only available in one Commander pre-constructed deck and a central card for any green toolbox deck in Legacy, this printing at rare will dramatically increase supply, and it makes the card Standard and Modern legal for all you brewers. newooze July M14 Rules Change: you can find a ton of summaries of the changes (here) and what they mean. Basically, the Legend rule is softer, this new policy applies to ‘walkers, and sideboarding rules are different.

Here are the 10 most impacted cards according to Mr. Franke Lepore.

Laslty, WotC just announced Eternal Weekend at this year’s GenCon and even if you can’t make it, sanctioned Vintage is pretty exciting. Everyone’s favorite angelic face in Magic, @RevisedAngel (Heather) is putting together a testing team.

Metagame Info

Two weeks since the PT (no Standard), two weeks since States – and not a decent national meta breakdown to speak of that I could find (no, the “Top Cards” article on TCGPlayer doesn’t count).

But at least we have Vigabool’s pie charts showing that yep, Junk Rites is still one of the most popular options because it’s really good, along with a midrangy Jund build. Although spoiler, Brad Nelson just won SCG Baltimore with his take on Junk Aristocrats, and it looks sweet.


SCG Baltimore is actually basically over as of the time I’m posting this, but you can check out the sweet results here: Next weekend we have Standard and Legacy from SCG in St. Louis, Team Block Limited GP Providence and Block Sealed at GP Gothenburg.

Learn about Drafting

DGR draft seems pretty open still, and complex. Go watch some vids and listen to Limited Resources if you wanna dissect this format.

But if you’re as exited and anxious to get your value from drafting Modern Masters (I could only justify signing up for one, despite @TwentySidedStore having ridiculously fair prices and paying out in #MTGMM), then this is the kind of insight you really want. This is especially true if you weren’t playing during all these blocks. @Marshall_LR launches the opening salvo to introduce us noobs to how you should draft this high-synergy format, and introduces some specific tribe and “almost-tribe” card selection.

Strategy and Theory

Cut Burning-Tree Emissary,” says this recent SCG Open winner, instead championing a straight-up Naya Aggro list. It has a certain techy appeal. If aggro isn’t your thing in Standard, here’s BBD’s update on Slime Rites and why sliming all the things is actually one of the best things you can do in Magic. Financials

mmpackaging All the hot financial talk is about the value of Modern Masters, which will probably cost you about $30 – $50 to draft and nearly $250 for a box most places.

With the full set spoiled, now’s the time to check out “What We Learned” for some intense common-uncommon math about the over-under on how much you should pay for a pack and expect to break even.


Porting lists can be a fun way to brew. Check out this step-by-step of turning Standard Naya Blitz into a first draft of a Legacy deck. Embrace randomness with this anti-spike Possibility Storm brew, Dega Storm

Design and Development

Check out this look at how the D&D team bumped rarities to make Modern Masters draft work, with a special focus on supporting dredge in limited.

Casual Thoughts

If you’re curious about all the noise I make about EDH (OK…OK, Commander. Whatever), check out this exactly accurate look at why we play the best format of all and how getting into it is smooth like butter.

The rules change have a decent impact on EDH, as explained by Sheldon Menery here. One thing they do is make Grandeur a more playable mechanic.

Check out how to use clones and Korlash, Heir to Blackblade to get in on this interesting singleton mechanic. These are “The Three Main Card Types” as handed down by CommanderCast. And they’re good: Pet, Theme, and Power. It makes sense. They’re about building a deck that is yours enough to be fun and competitive enough to be fun. #HeGetsIt

Fantasy and Art

An incredible infographic crammed with Vigabool’s data and designed by @thatguyjames2 – what more could you want for your flavory PT questions? Also check out Inkwell Looter’s theory of what awaits you at the Maze’s End (Clearly, he didn’t read The Sectretist).

Social and Community Stuff

FNM Hero: Reborn. SCG’s Adam Prosak style. Everyone is super hyped about watching this reboot of a great series.

Also You Make the Card 4 is over and we have a winner. Seems fine, but it also makes me even more confident that #TeamLands was the right call.

If you have comments or questions, post below or shoot them to me on my Twitter handle @MdaveCs. GTWM is a work in progress and I’d love ideas of how to evolve it to make it more useful and fun for you. Thanks for reading ❤ Dave


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