Gathering This Weeks’ Magic 14: June 2 – June 8

Check check it. So many streams this weekend. The full entire Modern Masters Spoiler drops and some people are already drafting it. Lots of insight into Block Limited! All this and more in another epic Gathering This Week’s Magic! BOOOM

Tournament Report

SCG’s Brad Nelson defined the flavor of the week by crushing Standard at the SCG Open in Baltimore with his take on an innovative Junk Aristocrats list that had just barely surfaced before the tourney. SCG’s Todd Anderson ran back ringer status on Sunday, winning Legacy with a stock Death Blade list.

Metagame Info

Junk in the trunk keeps crushing your funk – Junk Rites may have fallen off a bit, but that’s only because of the Aristo-troll Aristocrats list based on Varolz and some sacrifice synergy and Stag-nation?


For more Standard metagame data, check out some pie charts! Notice the small four percent wedge that is (winning) Aristocrats.

With fully five weeks until M14 shoots some life into the format (see what I did there? Eh Eh. The M14 is a gun or something. More kabooms), it’s nice to see little shakeups like this. Jund midrange, two types of junk, two aggro lists, and one or two acceptable control options makes Standard look kinda cool even if the early-summer-end-of-block burnout is starting to spread.

The Legacy metagame’s convulsions are typically difficult to follow, but the Mono blue Show and Tell Omniscience list that won Bizarre of Moxen a few weeks ago has officially become public enemy number one. Omnimaniac!  And already, here’s Legacy specialist Celeb Durward on how to beat it and how to play Vexing Sphinx in Legacy.

This Weekend’s Tournaments

It’s a three-stream weekend. GPGothenberg already started, streaming here. GPProvidence hosts a team format, streaming live starting at about 2PM ET. Both Grands Prix are Block Sealed and Draft.

And in St. Louis we’ve got SCGSTL with Standard starting Saturday and Legacy Sunday. Find streams at that link or just go to


The full Modern Masters spoiler has been out for a week, but there hasn’t been any action on the M14 spoilers.

WotC is also welcoming 17 new players into platinum, including crowd favorites LSV and Reid Duke.

Learn about Drafting

First off, if you haven’t been, start watching draft videos. LSV, Paul Cheon, and Conley Woods all make entertaining and educational stuff that is great for figuring out how to sequence guilds in DGM, sometimes they throw a non-premium draft vid up on SCG, and the guys at ManaDeprived area plenty enjoyable. It’s the best way to get a feel short of playing.

Lots of pros say it’s one of the most difficult draft formats in a while. Melissa DeTora’s strategy? Think of drafting in terms of ten colors (guilds), not five, “look for one open guild in Dragon’s Maze and stick to it throughout the draft,” and then splash or branch into an overlapping guild half way through the Dragon’s Maze pack if you need to after you’re solidly in your first guild and cutting it as necessary. And if you agree that it’s all about the mana in DGR limited, check out this article on building multicolor mana bases.

But what am I talking about here? You’re probably thinking about drafting #MTGMM anyway, right? It’s tough to find a good article about drafting Modern Masters, so here are some preliminary looks at archetypes from Conley Woods and practice first picks from Owen Turtenwald. Hopefully next week there will be more options for those of us that need to learn this format.

Strategy and Theory

This is Melissa DeTora’s explanation of How to Survive Day One of Grand Prix Providence, which deals with seat order and the other finer points of a team limited format

If “control” lists in Standard spark your fever, here’s everyone’s favorite Canadian on the recently innovated Bantvent Control deck. “Every draw felt like it could help me win the game,” says Scotty Mac.

Check out this great look at the importance of a resilient plan B, all to the tune of Bard Narson’s Junk deck from above. It’s all about multiple, synergistic lines of attack. And here is an examination of the New Aristocrats and its natural enemies, like new Jace and Mutilate.


Check out “Finance in a Flash,” reminding us of some good rotating and in-block pickups from Standard, and debunks the myth of Modern Masters – don’t buy in at current prices is the basic lesson.

BrewingGreen money baby

Travis Woo’s Green Money Modern deck is quite fun, even if it is a shade below tier two. To be fair, in the video he does ask us “Let’s be real,” albeit only second after saying that “we only carry hun’eds” in reference to how 20 mana for all your Eldrazi is chump change.

Interested in a new Delver brew for Standard? Check out this Esper tempo list from Conley.

Design and Development

Carsten Kotter tries his hand at designing some new cards that could fit into M14 and Standard but would spice up Legacy including some spicy ideas to simulate pseudo library manipulation in colors outside blue without bleeding the ability.

Casual Thoughts

(Vexing) Devil’s Advocate is part of CommanderCast’s new lineup, and it’s one of my faves. This week, he takes Maelstrom Wanderer as his defendant and tries to make the case that it isn’t always the worst thing you can do.


LANDS! The real estate upon which all good EDH games are built, as examined by Adam Styborski for the mothership.

Fantasy and Art

MJ, a successful fantasy writer and provider of flavor text for MTG looks at making a Commander deck that really tells her story and resonates with her. AKA She gets it.

Social and Community Stuff

Check out this week’s installment of FNM Hero 2nd Edition, in which he picks a deck.

If you have comments or questions, post below or shoot them to me on my Twitter handle @MdaveCs. GTWM is a work in progress and I’d love ideas of how to evolve it to make it more useful and fun for you. Also, if you have an article you wanna get featured, hit me up and I’ll try and look it over.

Thanks for reading
❤ Dave


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