Gathering This Week’s Magic 15: June 9 – June 15

Check check it. New M14 speculation, convolutions in Standard, the best cosplayers around, and a lot of tips from the pros to improve your game. Get all this and more from Gathering This Week’s Magic.

Tournament Report

Last weekend there were two limited GPs. A team of three New Yorkers, Andrew Longo, Eric Phillipps, and Eric Berger, won the Team Limited event at #GPProv while the Dane Oscar Christensen won GP Gothenburg, coming out victorious in the top eight with a Grixis control deck.

At SCGSTL, Aristocrats Act 2 beat Naya in Standard and Chris Anderson piloted this rad UB Tezzeret deck to first in Legacy on Sunday.

Metagame Infopies

If you love pie and you love data then you love another data dump from Vigabool. Jund and Reanimator are still dueling top dogs, while “Other” represents more than 1/3 of the metagame. Sweet.

Also check out this in-depth breakdown of the top-performing archetypes on Modo as well as a statistical comparison of the main Jund, Junk, Aggro, and Flash variations. offers this breakdown of the top 30 Standard sideboard cards on Magic Online daily events. I have to believe the presence of Volcanic Strength is an indication of the budget-preference toward Red Aggro decks.

This Weekend’s and Upcoming Tournaments

StarCityGames took to Columbus this weekend. Jund was victorious in Standard on Saturday and Sunday morning in the hands of John Wallace. Legacy hit on Sunday, with the stream here.

There is also a Block Sealed GP happening in Houston, but text updates only. Frowns.

Next weekend is when things get really exciting, with GP Las Vegas, which has already broken the record for Magic event attendance according to tournament organizer Tim Shields, despite only being in pre-registration. The stream doesn’t begin until 5PM ET on Saturday.

You can also check out Standard and Legacy next weekend from SCGPhilly.


The only really cool things announced this week were the Community Cup and the fact that number crunchers realized Mutavault is probably in M14.

Learn about Drafting

This is a fairly deep look at the viable archetypes in Modern Masters draft, the cards that make them tick, and what you can expect to wheel. Check out the MTGOStrat piece for a walkthrough of a MM draft on Modo.

In a rare treat, Jackie Lee walks us through a draft, video by video, to explain why being in the right seat can mean that a moderate, three-color deck is actually a better choice for that draft than either the more popular all-gates-and-power strategy or the punishment a fast, consistent two color deck can deliver.

Strategy and Theory

If Modern Masters has you itching to break into the format, you might appreciate this breakdown of Budget Burn for the newest eternal format.

Here are four good ideas from Caleb Durward: Know your breakers; Play Jund in Standard, Play Ghost Quarter in Standard, and Use Transmute Artifact in Affinity. The last one is one of the most interesting because the list he references caused the namesake card to spike in price a bit.

Don’t over think things, try to get a read on your opponent’s hand, and plan for your outs if you can’t win unless you topdeck them. PVDDR offers a few lessons while looking at some interesting situations in Magic.

Check out this Domri Naya primer from none other than Willy Edel.


Matt Crocker applies some math and the concept of a bankroll to help Modo players trying to “go infinite” become more like savvy poker players that know how to avoid going broke.

Here’s a little Modern Masters humor from @theproxyguy. Remember those G.I. Joe weapon refill packs?

Casual Thoughts

It can’t be. A defense of infinite combos in EDH from Vexing Devil’s Advocate… “The death of infinite combos would mean the loss of an entire archetype and all of the cool, nifty, or just plain strange cards and interactions that make them up.” I’m not buying it, but the guy does know the format, so maybe he’s right.

Fantasy and Art

Some incredible cosplayers! Yep. People who cosplay Magic: The Gathering are intense and it’s awesome.

Annnnnnnd this describes my Modern Masters draft strategy exactly.

Social and Community Stuff

This may very well be the best Treasure Hunt ever. Yes, TH is basically an abbreviated version of GTWM, and yes, I’m still sending you there. Shout out to HotC.

How could I not link to someone that recognizes this as a treasure? (It’s Lego Jace Vs. Chandra.)

Conley Woods, my personal favorite guy in Magic, did a Twitter AMA. Highlights include promising to sign an Acidic Slime for cube and finally legitimating his obsession when he took home money in his first GP in 2007.

If you have comments or questions, post below or shoot them to me on my Twitter handle @MdaveCs. GTWM is a work in progress and I’d love ideas of how to evolve it to make it more useful and fun for you. Also, if you have an article you wanna get featured, hit me up and I’ll try and look it over.

Thanks for reading
❤ Dave


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