True Blood: Give that Sookie a crown


In case you missed it, here’s what happened on True Blood this week [MAJOR SPOILERS, you’ve been warned]: Sookie’s a fairy princess, Bill’s catatonic but still managed to suck out a woman’s blood without touching her (oh, and he can see the future), the police have special bullets to seriously injure vampires, Lafayette got beat up again, and neither Eric nor Alcide took his clothes off. Basically, you got to not waste an hour of your precious life.

Screen shot 2013-06-25 at 9.53.35 PM

In other developments, Sookie and Jason discover they have a fairy godfather (major eyeroll as I type that) to contend with, played by Rutger Hauer. For me, that man just oozes creepiness (I’m thinking specifically of Blade Runner and this writer’s beloved and long-gone Alias), so jury’s out on him. The opening scene following the credits has Jason trying to shoot aforementioned fairy godfather, which drives me crazy. Jason may be dumber than a bag of rocks, but he has learned enough by now not to brandish manmade weapons against supernatural beings…at least, wouldn’t you think so? I like to give him the benefit of the doubt.

And…what are the odds that Sookie would happen to find some fairy dude on her path? And…why, still, isn’t she getting with Alcide?! C’mon, Sook. If you’re not going to let Eric suck your blood, at least give Alcide some action. Why is it that, every season, Sookie has a new guy interested in her? What does she even have going for her? (At least she has some spunk, unlike Bella Swan, whom I often wonder these same things about.) Fairy Dude is clearly a plant. If this season doesn’t end with him betraying Sookie, I’ll eat a shoe.


At least this episode called out what we all know the vampires and werewolves and fairies are stand-ins for: Real Life Things. Vampires (and now other supernaturals) are discriminated against, and now Shifters will be, too, according to this girl who’s hassling Sam to be the new face of Angry Supernaturals. She then gives a history lesson about real life segregation, in mentioning the Freedom Riders (history lesson is generous – the comment is not delivered with any sort of impact). I think this is the first time (and correct me if I’m wrong) in True Blood history that actual, real life discrimination, against anyone human, has been mentioned. I find this pretty interesting. You would’ve thought by now that they’d let the Supernatural stand in for real life controversy, and leave it at that, or bring in actual, historical discrimination much sooner. Skin color and sexuality haven’t seemed to make a difference to anyone in Bon Temps, but perhaps that is a pointed comment: as a shared world, we’ll always have people who will perpetuate hate, unnecessarily. Even if we’ve moved on from some differences, we’ll find other things to divide us (I don’t really believe this, but it crossed my mind that True Blood might have been aiming at this idea.)

There was a “best part” of the episode, though: Eric as a nerd. Unsurprisingly, I think I found him hotter in the glasses and ill-fitting coat.

tumblr_movj4aElt11qhye8no1_500 (No, this is not my tv.)

One final nerd shout out from this episode was when Jason referred to Fairy Godfather as “Bubba Fett.” Close, but no cigar, Jason.


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