Dexter’s Final Kills: Late Predictions for Season 8

Many of you out there in TV Land are fairly familiar with everyone’s favorite serial killer, Dexter Morgan. Played by the rugged handsome Michael C. Hall, Dex has been hacking and slashing his way through the scum of Miami and areas beyond for almost a decade now, and we’ve been sitting idly by, cheering him on as he plunges his signature butcher knife into plastic-wrapped chest after plastic-wrapped chest of some of worst people Showtime has to offer.

Well, as I sit here, waiting for the newest episode to load on my terrible internet, I can’t help but wonder exactly where this season will take us. It’s not exactly a secret that I wasn’t impressed with the seventh season of what I once called “The greatest thing that I have ever put into my eyeballs.” The first 9 or 10 episodes really felt like filler to me, leaving the last few to do all the hard work of the season. Honestly, the season felt like a set-up for the final season, which is currently running on full swing.

Now, I’ve been all over the place the past few weeks and got a week behind on my dates. I sincerely thought Dexter didn’t start again until next week, so I’m a little behind on my stuff. But, I figured as I sat and waited for access to the episode, I should give another of my patented Season Outcome Prediction Lists (originally seen in this post).


1. Deb will crush under the weight of knowing Dex’s secret and having one of her own. She’ll do something drastic and harmful. Not sure what, though.
2. LaGuerta will stay dead.
3. Masuka will get some tail.
4. Batista’s restaurant will do well. (Sorry, folks. I really only had two, and they were both pretty dark. I needed a little fluff in between.)
5. Dexter. Will. Die. There is no possibility for a happy ending with this series. Not at all. I believe that the only fitting end will be for Dexter to see that he has become the person his dad taught him to stalk and kill, and in the closing scenes of the series, Dexter will take his own life, plunging the trademark butcher knife into his own chest for his final kill.

But, I guess we’ll see in three months, kiddies. Stand by for another post as soon as I can get this confounded Internet machine to work right.


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