Review of the biography “Zac Baggins: Dark World”

Who ya gonna call? Ghost Adventures!


I am usually not one to read many biographies. However, as a fan of the hit show Ghost Adventures, I felt I needed to pick this one up. The biography is of Zac Baggins. For those of you who do not know, he is the lead investigator of the group on the show. Together with his team Nick and Aaron, they try to collect evidence of the paranormal through scientific research and documentation. They have traveled all over the country, and even out of it, investigating some of the most allegedly haunted places such as the Historic Ram’s Inn that dates to 1145 in Gloucestershire, England and even the Moundsville Penitentiary in my home state of West Virginia. On a side note, I highly recommend the show, as it is thought-provoking and never dull.

Now for those of you who may have lost interest and scoffed at the idea of ghosts, they are doing legitimate scientific studies of unexplained anomalies. (Another blog coming soon will explain all the nerdy science behind it. Hurray! But for now back to the book.) Some ghost hunters, or as many prefer, paranormal investigators, do not believe in ghosts but that there is a scientific explanation for these that humans have not figured out yet. There are many theories and many different pieces of high grade equipment that they use. They collect hundreds of pieces of data. So it is not just a group of teens running around with a Ouija board calling on Bloody Mary. These are professionals, college professors, serious people who want real proof with real data.

The book, penned by Kelly Crigger, is not a very long read at two hundred and seventy pages. One can hope as the group has more journeys and discovers new evidence, another book will come about detailing them. It is a typical biography that starts with a young Zac who has his first few experiences that get him hooked. His mission becomes finding evidence of what he saw, what it was, where do we go, and many other questions, but he mainly wanted that solid proof. Each chapter delves into his personal experiences on and off the show. It catalogs what exactly happened at the Ancient Ram’s Inn and how, after a demonic attack, he and his colleagues feel that they have been marked since the evil spirits seem to find them so easily now. It speaks of the somewhat unnerving happenings of some of the more famous TV airings such as Bobby Mackey’s Music World.


An awesome feature is that at the end of the book, there is a list of theories that people think could account for strange happenings. Along side that are short paragraphs from other paranormal investigators. Throughout the book, there are also little details such as a drawing of what used to visit Zac as a child, facts about Zac that are not well known, and pictures and little glimpses into his life. What I love about this biography is that it is not boring. You can read more than a chapter without dozing off. It tells the story of someone, but it also explains a lot of things that are in his field of work such as instruments. So, you do not have to be a ghost wiz to understand what they are talking about. Overall, this was a very fantastic book. I give it five out of five EMF detectors.



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