Dexter’s Final Kills: The Beginning of the End (S8E01)

I know I just put something up about Dexter yesterday, but I hadn’t watched the episode at that time. I’m not trying to flood the market, trust me. Just making do on yesterday’s promise. Either way, I’ll try to keep it short.


You're going to be smothered... by spoilers!

You’re going to be smothered… by spoilers!

Ah, where to begin.

Six months have passed since Deb killed LaGuerta to keep Dexter’s secret. Dex catches us up on what we missed by talking about how much easier life is now that she’s gone. He’s been able to enjoy work, coach Harrison’s soccer team to a championship, and continue killing just as much as he used to. Sounds great, right?

Not for Deb. She’s taken to picking up dangerous freelance undercover work, partially to escape Dexter and those at Miami Dade, and partially to get the three Ds for free: drinks, drugs, and well… “D”. Of course, Dex kills the seedy druggie Deb’s been shacking up with, even after she tells Dex she hates him and never wants to see him again. She even says she pulled the trigger on the wrong person. Damn.

Poor drug dealer. We hardly knew you.

Poor drug dealer. We hardly knew you.

Also, we have another suspicious body in the police department. Enter Dr. Evelyn Vogel. Apparently, she knows all about Dexter and his code. Wonder what will come of that…

Actually, they spoil that in the season preview. She’s there to enlist Dexter’s help with another killer, one premiered in this episode. He’s an old patient of hers, and now he’s going around, chopping people’s heads in half and scooping out the part of their brain that processes empathy. So… that’s fun.

On a sidenote, Quinn’s been banging Batista’s cute little sister, Jamie. Doubt that will be too important, but you never can tell, right. It’s like his penis is the proverbial Chekov’s gun.

Most importantly in this episode is seeing the transformation Dexter has gone through. He really tries to play everything cool at the beginning of the episode, but as the scenes roll, we can see him slowly coming undone by everything that is going on around him. He flies off the handle (something we haven’t seen him do a lot until recently) at almost everything. He almost strangles a fellow driver, yells at Harrison for breaking a vase, and stabs a man to death in front of Deb. It serves well to show that Dex isn’t always as methodical and composed as he wants to be. There’s a crack in his facade, and it’s only going to grow wider and wider.

I suppose it’ll be a little while before we see exactly how these cracks will effect Dex and those around him.


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