Dexter’s Final Kills: “Every Silver Lining…” (S8E02)

Another episode of Showtime’s Dexter has come and gone, bringing with it a small helping of tidbits for all of us die-hard Dexter fans. Here be spoilers.

As it stands right now, there are 3 main plots going on in this season.

1. Dex and Vogel showing exactly how Dexter was molded into the man he is today.
2. Deb spiraling in the wake of killing LaGuerta.
3. A serial killer cutting chunks out of people’s skulls to allow him to scoop out bits of their brains.

I suppose when we break it down like that, there doesn’t seem like much to keep up on.


Vogel doesn’t do much in this episode beyond enlisting Dexter’s help in finding the serial killer. She has been receiving the chunks of brain that have gone missing after the murders, and Vogel thinks it may be an old patient of hers that is pulling the plug on so many lives.

She also shows Dexter some DVDs of her old sessions with Harry, ones in which she helped him craft the Code that continues to give Dexter a framework in which to work. Set aside some weird chunks of dialogue in which Vogel shows a little too much interest in Dexter and tries to push him to talk about his relationship with Deb, and that’s pretty much all Vogel has a hand in for the time being.

I do find it interesting to see a bit of how Dexter came to be the way he is now. It’s like watching one of those real crime shows that talks about the person before they started slashing throats or stuffing bit of babies inside bits of prostitutes. Or the Star Wars prequels, except… you know…



I was fully prepared to come to this point and not have much to say. Last week’s episode showed us that Deb is presently losing her mind, and I thought that would be enough. But, then the whole thing with hitman El Sapo happened.

In a nutshell, El Sapo followed Deb to a storage unit housing his stolen jewels. Deb found them, El Sapo kicked the shit out of her, and El Sapo was found dead in his car the next morning.

Deb did it, although she claims she doesn’t remember actively killing him. Even after her killing LaGuerta to protect Dex, that’s a big deal. I know the season previews show Deb confessing to something, but only time will tell exactly what she says and to whom.


Looks like Miami has yet another serial killer on their collective hands. Not much is known about him at this time, other than what is revealed at the end of the episode on the DVD that was left in Vogel’s house. As it turns out, a prediction I had had part of the way through the week turned out to be true: the killer will make a person kill someone, then make someone else kill them. It’s like this vicious cycle of him making killers kill other killers, like Oroboros (for you Batman Inc. fans out there).

Or like a weird Human Centipede, minus the feces.

I still have my thoughts and predictions for the episodes to come, but I’ll save those for down the road. As for what we’ve seen so far, it’s not the best, but it’s still enough to keep my interest. Coming off of a mess like season 7, it’s not too hard to be better by comparison. Let’s just hope they can keep it up and end on a bloody high note.


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