Double Standards for Both Genders in the Nerd World and Society

I wouldn’t label myself as a feminist. I believe that at one time it meant a lot. Now, often times it tends to be ladies shouting about really odd stuff like how a woman should be able to walk around topless and not be arrested. Guys can’t walk into a store and buy anything without a shirt, you shouldn’t either. And honestly, I don’t think guys should go shirtless unless they are in a swimming place or the such, but that’s my opinion.

But, let’s talk about double standards in our society, starting with good old Facebook.

ImageThis comment in itself is not right because you are acting like the lock is a prize. Some prize to own or be won. They act like the lock has to be tricked, as if a woman is not smart enough to choose who she shares her bed with. And at the same time, society makes men sound dumb. “Oh, they can only think with they’re other brain.” No, people. These are jerks. There are plenty of men out there that can think you are really hot and not try really low things to get you somewhere to do something. There are selfish boys and then there are men. You are lowering men’s accountability for their actions and the blame tends to fall on the women. “Boys will be boys” is the phrase. And when a woman does choose to take someone home, she is a slut. If a guy brings home a chick, then he is a bro.


What is the difference.? Stop. Really think it over. If you have a daughter, do you want to teach her this? Do you want her to think these things? Do you want her to be independent or a sheep? And when it comes to that; if a woman is independent, if she sleeps with a guy, she is somehow looking for support. If a woman is strong, then she is an insensitive bitch. And when she has a bad day and cries, it is “Oh, well she’s not strong at all.” But when a guy cries, “Oh, how nice. He is sensitive.”


And the world of the internet. Ok, so kitchen jokes are funny as are the sandwich jokes. But there tends to be people who take it too far and to the heart.


And even worse there are still people out there who believe this:



The world is backtracking on all the things the women before us fought for. And yet again we are becoming objects. Things to win, things to use. Now it’s better to be dumb and pretty than smart and plain. The strongest women can go do their own thing. But the minute they act like they are interested in a man, whether for one night or forever, she is looking for support. What kind of relationship goes well with one person holding the other up. You are supposed to walk side by side. Together yet separate.

Then people try to say media ruins society with how women should act. If that is true, it explains why there are also so many crappy guys out there. The nerd world isn’t safe either. In comics, people complain that the women are too sexy or not realistic. My reply is always “I’m sure I see few people in real life ripped like batman”. Even when it comes to cosplay, if there is a 19-year-old Batman and all the cougars are staring, people think it’s awesome. But if a 19-year-old woman is cosplaying Power Girl and all the older guys are staring, it’s creepy? And if a guy cosplays Kratos, “oh yeah, look at that six pack.” If a girl cosplays Wonder Woman, “look at that whore in the bathing suit.” I wish people would stop acting like a woman’s body is something to be ashamed of. Yes, some people need to wear more clothing on a daily basis, but has any guy tried to wear the layers of clothes chicks have to in the summer? I’m pretty sure a bra retains 80% body heat. But every girl knows what reaction they will get with clothes. The difference is: is she doing it for comfort or for attention? And are the guys who see her going to have tasteful remarks or act like twelve-year-old boys? Another phrase I hate hearing is when a rape happens and you hear, “with those clothes, she was asking for it.” Violence is never asked for. Rape happens to both genders, it is never right. Domestic violence happens to both genders, it is never ok. I’m sure that Catwoman wears whatever the hell she wants and she isn’t asking for it.


I leave you with these thoughts. To women, think of why you do things and do what you want to do, not for anyone else. To men, think twice before you act as society tells you. If that was your sister, would you want someone talking to her like that? Would you the daughter or son, act like this in front of your mother? Your father? Are you making your own decisions, or are you going with society? Be the noble Superman and the stoic Wonder Woman; sexy, level-headed, independent, and it is ok to have soft spots.


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