Let Us Podcast, Ep. 25 – What If… This Podcast Were a Good Podcast?

That’s right, nerds (or is it?). The guys are back (or are they?) for yet another edition of Let Us Podcast (or it is?)! In this episode, Greg and Leroy talk about their time spent at their local comic book store, Comic Paradise Plus. They are doing “the Lord’s work,” as Greg put it, by sorting through the store’s ton of back stock. While there, they’ve run across quite the gambit of comics, including the famous Marvel “What If…” series. So, come in, sit down, and enjoy another fun episode of Let Us Podcast (or can you?)!

Also, if you have any suggestions for future topics or if you’d like to sit in on a upcoming episode of the podcast, please send your e-mails to letusnerd@gmail.comWe’d love to hear from you! Also, if you haven’t already, check out this episode of All Things Good and Nerdy that Greg and Leroy recorded back in May. If you are looking for another fun and nerdy podcast, they’d be the droids you’re looking for.

[audio https://letusnerd.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/let-us-podcast-ep-25-what-if-this-were-a-good-podcast.mp3]


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