Dexter’s Final Kills: “What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?” (S8E03)

Light spoilers ahead, matey. Look out!

You're going to be smothered... by spoilers!

You’re going to be smothered… by spoilers!

I must admit something before I get too far into this post. There’s been a lot of drama going on today (the day that I watched this episode and wrote started this review. I’m not usually one for a two-day affair, but shit happens, right?). There was this business about moving a sibling across the state, and I’ve been talking to a friend all night that’s having a few issues. Compared to all that, this episode was nothing.

But, strictly within the context of the show, some pretty important things happened.

1. We had the opportunity to meet another of Vogel’s former patients, except this one has a job involving physical fitness that allows him to inconspicuously check out the amount of body fat a prospective victim has. Why?

Say it with me, children: because he’s a cannibal.

Yep. That's a human brain. In garlic sauce.

Yep. That’s a human brain. In garlic sauce.

Why not? If Dexter’s going to spend his final days hunting, he may as well be hunting psychos and sickos that make that screen time worthwhile.

Just so you know, I was looking for a screenshot of Dexter uncovering a finger in the cannibal's stew. I couldn't find it. So, here's his reaction instead.

Just so you know, I was looking for a screenshot of Dexter uncovering a finger in the cannibal’s stew. I couldn’t find it. So, here’s his reaction instead.

2. Vogel insinuated that Dexter should have killed Deb in the same way that he has killed EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has found out his secret over the course of his life. They talk about love, and the fact that Dexter can’t love, and blah blah blah. The only important thing from that plotline is that Vogel clearly has some dark plans in place.

I mean, she tried to talk Dex into killing Deb. That’s proof enough that she’s not as nice as she may seem.


Seriously. She waltzes into Miami Dade, drunk off her ass, and confesses to the murder of Maria LaGuerta. Not exactly sure how long they can keep her quiet, even after Dex and Vogel drug her and convince the others at the police department that she’s just upset and guilty that she couldn’t save LaGuerta.

For the record, I can’t conceive of Dexter killing Deb to silence her, but it’s pretty well documented that Hannah will (unfortunately) return this season, and don’t ever forget that she tried to kill Deb at least once. Plus, Vogel really seems to want her dead, so there’s no guarantee she’ll make it out of this season alive.


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