Dexter’s Final Kills: “This Little Piggy” (S8E05)


You're going to be smothered... by spoilers!

You’re going to be smothered… by spoilers!

So, this week’s episode was a bit of a weird one. If you recall what happened at the end of last week’s episode (and frankly, how couldn’t you? DEB DROVE THE CAR INTO A FRIGGIN’ LAKE.), then you’ll know what there was plenty of room for Dexter and Deb to… work on things.

This was shown in about 7 minutes at the beginning of the episode, in which Dex and Deb are in a session with Dr. Vogel, they talk about how Deb tried to kill Dex but ultimately saved him, and they went their separate ways. She tried calling him a couple times, and then barged onto a crime scene to time him Vogel had been kidnapped by the former patient Dexter had stalked last week.

They were like Batman and Robin the rest of the episode.

Now, I’m not saying that I’m pissed they worked things out. It just feels like they did it so quickly. Call me crazy, but if anyone tried to kill me, I probably wouldn’t be friends with them. Ever. But, hey… I guess that’s just regular, non-psychopathic me.

The rest of this episode was spent in search of Vogel and the former student. Long story short, she got ballsy and slapped her captor around a bit, then called Dexter on the guy’s phone and let it run long enough to allow Deb’s sleazy new boss to trace the call. They found Vogel, killed her captor, and everyone went on a nice cruise on the Slice of Life to watch Dexter dispose of the body. He said something about being with family for the night.

Roll credits.

Now, I understand that “family” is a big theme this season. Deb misses Harry while Dex learns much more about him than before. Deb and Dex love each other, then hate each other, then love each other, then try to kill each other, then hunt serial killers together. Side note: Masuka finds out he has a daughter. Kind of left of center, but it fits with the “family” thing that the writers are bashing us over the head with this time around.

I’m still on board, though. I’ll be there until the end. I can only hope things start picking up, though. This is the final season, and I want to see it go out with a bang, but part of me keeps thinking that Dexter may have overstayed his welcome a little too long.

It’s like that Harvey Dent quote: “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” I can’t help thinking that the series should have died a hero a few years back.

And no, that’s not just because I’ve been hanging out in the Batman subreddit all night…


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