New Comic Book Day: Joshua Williamson’s Captain Midnight

If you take a man, give him super intelligence, slap a ’40s era costume on his frame, give him an American flag to wrap himself in, and pit him against Nazis, I’m totally in. That’s what you get when you read Joshua Williamson’s  new take on Captain Midnight this week. Oh, and did I mention secret North Pole Nazi fortress and polar bears eating fascists? No, I don’t think I did.

Captain Midnight #1

This story of Captain Midnight starts with issue #0 (released back in June) when Jim Albright, a genius by day and crime fighter by the stroke of midnight, disappears into the Bermuda Triangle in 1944 while in pursuit of Fury Shark, a daughter of criminal mastermind Ivan Shark, who had stolen some of Albright’s weapons technology. Shortly afterward, when no wreckage was found, the world turned Captain Midnight into more of a myth than a man, and his exploits were brushed off as some children’s tale or fable.

Until now.

While on patrol in the Caribbean, the USS Ronald Reagan comes into contact with a large storm. While making a pass by it, a fighter pilot sees a sight he can’t believe. Inside this storm is a plane, a single engine Douglas S.B.D. from WWII that is smoking and damaged. And, just as the fighter pilot calls it in, he sees a man dressed in a costume leap from the S.B.D. and land on the top of his jet. When the jet lands, the costumed man is arrested and placed into custody.

The man tells the crew and investigators that he is none other than Captain Midnight, but no one believes him. And, before they can get any more information out of him, he steals a jet and makes a run for it. Although it may seem that Captain Midnight may be gone for good, there is one person who may know where he is — his old Secret Squadron partner, Joyce Ryan.

And, all of that was just issue #0.

Now, Captain Midnight is on the run in a strange new world. But, don’t let the man out of time fool you, because super intelligence knows no time period. A man as bright as Jim Albright can adapt to any situation quickly, and he won’t let something as trivial as time travel get in the way of his 69-year-old mission to stop Fury Shark before it’s too late.

As I wrote in the beginning, I am a sucker for characters like Captain Midnight. The nostalgia I get from reading about characters such a he (a character who actually got his start back in 1938) just gets me interested and excited immediately. And, I think Joshua Williamson has done a great job bringing this long-forgotten character back from obscurity.

It will be interesting to see how Captain Midnight will grow into his new role as a 21st century hero as the series rolls on. Will he be taken seriously, not only by Joyce Ryan’s granddaughter Charlotte, but by the rest of the world, too? Or will he be seen as just a hokie, masked vigilante who’s actions are as predictable as the time of day in which he strikes? I’m not sure about any of that. But, be sure to tune in next month, kids, for another exciting, Nazi-beating adventure of…

Captain Midnight!

Brought to you by your friends at Ovaltine.

Brought to you by your friends at Ovaltine.


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