New Comic Book Day: Vertigo’s “Collider”

Have you ever pondered the possibility of a physics-based disaster occurring in our world? Not something generated by the Large Hadron Collider or some sort of advanced weapon, but something more along the lines of spontaneous de-gravitization of an entire building or dangerous quantum tornadoes, anomalies that occur with such great frequency that the United States has no choice but to found and fund a government bureau that specializes in such occasions?

Ponder no more. Collider has arrived.

The first issue of Vertigo's "Collider" hits shelves today

The first issue of Vertigo’s “Collider” hits shelves today

From writer Simon Oliver (The Exterminators) and artist Robbi Rodriguez (Polly and the Pirates), Collider is set in a world very similar to ours. Well, except for the fact that the laws of physics recently started became less and less reliable, prompting the US Government to form the Federal Bureau of Physics. Collider follows FBP agent Adam Hardy throughout his typical workday, which usually the includes fixing holes in the thin Space-Time fabric surrounding us all.

Even though this is just the first issue, Collider has already introduced some mind-bending ideas, something I hope they will continue to do until the world is barely recognizable and the laws of nature no longer apply. This comic is not to be missed, especially by science fiction fans.

And if this isn’t something that doesn’t fit into your reading list, even if you aren’t a fan of sci-fi at all, you should give Collider a shot and try to wrap your head around it. Maybe it’ll change your mind about the genre. It’s possible.

Given the right circumstances, the impossible is always possible.


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