Dexter’s Final Kills: “A Little Reflection” (S08E06)

You should know this by now, but just in case: SPOILERS! SPOILERS EVERYWHERE!

You're going to be smothered... by spoilers!

You’re going to be smothered… by spoilers!

So, let’s take a minute to gloss over the stuff that just isn’t important.

1. Quinn didn’t get promoted, so he’s trailing Zach Hamilton to find evidence that he killed Nora Rivera.
2. Dex proved that Zach killed Nora Rivera.
3. Deb’s boss likes her, and he punched a guy she was kissing.
4. Cassie is kind of tired of trying to drag Dexter’s personality out of him, and she probably already moved on.

Got that? Good.

There are a few important things that happened in this episode. Some, I like. Others, well…

Yeah... She's back.

Yeah… She’s back.

In the course of this episode, Dexter went from trailing Zack to killing Zack to mentoring Zack. Vogel admitted that she knew Zack had killed Nora and wanted to teach him The Code that she and Harry had taught Dexter during his formative years. Dex was more concerned with killing instead of teaching, but once Zack was on Dexter’s table, he managed to sway Dex by giving him a sob story about having no one to talk to about his problems, swaying him just enough to have mercy and take Zack under his wing.

Is it a good idea? Who knows, at this point. Maybe Dexter will end like The Dark Knight Rises. I won’t say what that means for those of you who may not have seen it, but you can surmise what I mean.

Most importantly (and most unfortunately, if you ask me), we see the return of an old character at the end of this episode. Deb and Dex are chatting and sharing a beer and a steak, talking about getting their lives back on track. Dex is feeling good about Zack and his family. Deb is dealing with her PTSD, and more importantly, no longer trying to kill Dexter. Everything seems a little too good to be true, right?

It’s just like my Walking Dead Doctrine: if everything is going well, everything is about to go to shit.

Deb passes out. Dexter gets up to save her, but finds himself feeling woozy. Just as he starts to pass out, he sees a familiar face walk in: good old Hannah McKay!

Now, if you remember, I don’t like Hannah. She’s not as terribly annoying as Lumin, and she’s only slightly easier on the eyes. If you really want to know more about her, check out these posts. If you just want the crash course, here goes.

Hannah helped someone kill when she was young, then started poisoning people. Dexter SHOULD HAVE killed her, but fell in love with her. Then she tried to kill Deb, and Dex decided that he should have killed her. Yadda yadda yadda, she’s back.

Why? Who the hell knows. I will admit though, if this is their version pulling out all the stops, the rest of this season/series may be kind of slow.

And by “slow,” I mean “shit.”


2 thoughts on “Dexter’s Final Kills: “A Little Reflection” (S08E06)

  1. This season showed so much promise to have Dexter go out with a bang. Now it’s more like an “eh.” Also, one MAJOR issue I cannot stop having is the fact that Vogel harped on Dex not being able to love anyone…but what about Harrison?!

    • Exactly! I don’t doubt for a second that Dexter loves Harrison completely. He’s even been worried about Harrison starting to lie to him, and is constantly concerned that Harrison will start to be more like him. Dex has even been showing a modicum of love toward Deb and even Vogel. Dr. Vogel just doesn’t know what she is talking about.

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