True Blood: Dead Meat


This episode, called “Dead Meat,” opens with Nora’s remains in a steamy pile on the bed where she melted. Why so literal, True Blood? Honestly, this episode held such promise in many places, and it didn’t quite deliver on all counts. But I felt this episode did a better job than any other this season in getting us back to caring about these characters.


Eric’s reaction to Nora’s death is to become hysterical, which is actually somewhat of a surprise, and an intriguing facet to show. Eric has always been cool, calm, and collected. He’s a smooth operator, which is part of the reason why Godric’s death is one of the show’s strongest moments: we see Eric being vulnerable, and crying for his father. Here, Eric losing control is a bit more comical, but it still drives home a point: Eric is never rattled, except for when he loses someone close to him. Now that Godric and Nora are gone, whom does he have left? That’s pretty tragic. Also interesting is that Sookie wasn’t the complete focal point of Eric and Bill’s argument. I appreciate that they have gone beyond Sookie (although Eric accused Bill of not saving Nora because he didn’t want to confront Sookie about Warlowe). That aside, this was Bill vs. Eric minus Sookie, and I really quite preferred that.


I predict Jason’s new vampire lady (Violet) will one day have to fight Jessica for the rights to ownership. Who will take this bet?

One of those moments that could have been great is when Violet is feeding on Jason, and he asks her not to rape him. I think this is the first time we’ve been reminded that Jason was repeatedly raped by Crystal and her werepanther horde. It always upset me that Jason seemed mostly hunky dory after that; if a female character was raped, we’d have seen her dealing with the aftermath for quite some time. But because Jason is a male, we’re all supposed to shrug it off as soon as he started shagging some ladies by choice. This moment could’ve been a more vulnerable one for Jason, with him explaining just why he’s asking…but, no. She starts to seduce him, and he likes it.


Jessica’s hunky vampire says that being with her was the first time in the camp was when he felt “alive.” I think that’s incorrect? ::scratches head::


Alcide has left his pack, which is sad, because, if I’ve learned one thing from this show, it’s that pack is life. I hope we get to see Alcide dealing with this in some way…but I’m not hopeful. While drinking with Sam in the bar, he remarks that death comes for everyone. But…but…sort of? Why not ask a vampire to make you a vampire? Which led me to wonder, have we seen any vampire/werewolf combinations? Or is that just in Underworld?

Also, really, HOW CAN SAM BE IN LOVE WITH NICOLE? Shapeshifter lady just died (if we’re talking how the genders are skewed––see the Jason comment above––compare Sam’s grieving process with Arlene’s). I mean, the show might not be happening as quickly as it seems to be, but it seems like not that much time has passed. Remember the days when Sam was smitten with Sookie? I do. And, good on you, True Blood! They actually dialogue about it. But only because Sookie acts like a jerk and goes to him because it’d be easy for her. C’mon, Sook. This is why no one except for the men in Bon Temps likes you.

I’m put off by the fact that Warlowe tells Sookie that if he helps Bill, Sookie is his…forever. And then tells her it’s a proposal. Sookie, girl, that’s a bit intense. At least Sookie seems to think it’s crazy, too.

Sookie has a monologue addressed to her parents’ graves, in which she says she’d rather become a vampire than be buried with them. This makes it sound like Sookie has some agency in this decision, but, really, I’m of the belief that it’s because she has no other options: Bill, Eric, Sam, and even Alcide are done with her. Sookie always has to be with a dude, so this is just convenient.

No segway here: crazy blonde lady chases another lady down the hall of Vamp Camp. They’re both wearing heels and running like idiots. It’s embarrassing. This chase ends with Blonde Lady clubbing the (apparent) creator of True Blood beverages to death with a high heel. Gross, and improbable.


Sookie (dressed in black for her vampire bridehood, how symbolic) and Bill go to Warlowe, to find he’s been attacked by Eric.

Two episodes to go.


5 thoughts on “True Blood: Dead Meat

  1. I agree I couldn’t stop laughing at the lady fight between Sarah and the True Blood CEO- barbaric and ridiculous, but that is True Blood. I am so mad Terry got shot – I didn’t think they would go through with that! But I agree, Sam is in love and it’s been…a week since Luna died?

    • The lady fight…just, ugh. And it came out of NOWHERE and escalated really quickly.

      Terry getting shot was really sad; I hate that he made it through the war, the baby being possessed by that crazy ghost, the Smoke Monster, and basically all the bizarre shenanigans that happen in Bon Temps, and was gunned down by his own friend. Poor Arlene, too.

      Luna! Clearly, she never made an impression on me, either. But Sam has been jumping from woman to woman for awhile now. I would’ve liked to have seen him and Sookie together, even for a little bit.

      • yeah poor Sam, I love how he called her out on not wanting him because he was never the most dangerous guy around, so true. I do feel so bad for Arlene, it’s like Terry didn’t even think about her when he made this choice and though 2mil would make it all better? Why didn’t anyone think of glamoring him before!?

  2. Sam knows how to be direct. And he’s not dangerous, but he attracts danger, and he’s not afraid to stand up to it.

    I agree: what was Terry thinking? And what about seeing the kids grow up? He was too proud to ask the rich side of the family for money? They seemed to be doing ok. I rationalized the glamouring bit as Arlene not realizing it was as bad as it was, and by the time she did think to have it done, it was too late. Plus, that seemed like some skeevy dealing…maybe that’s a frowned upon practice, and I can understand why. Unless Terry had decided it himself, it’s a pretty low thing to do to someone.

  3. I actually really enjoyed the angry exchange between Sookie and Bill in this episode. I loved the way that Bill used his cold and aloof attitude to goad Sookie, not caring if he pisses her off any more. It’s a nice change of pace to the pining Bill of the Harris novels who is still obsessed with her long after she’s moved on.

    This whole Sam gets Nicole pregnant storyline is super disappointing. Pack her bags, send her on the way, you’re so not in love with her because you banged in the shower one time.

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