Let Us Podcast, Ep. 29 – Kyle Higgins and Dan Nokes

That’s right, nerds! Pop Con may be over, but Greg and Leroy made sure to snag a couple of interviews before they left. In this full-length episode, the boys talk about the con and get to introducing they very first interviewees.

First on the block was Nightwing and Batman Beyond Universe writer Kyle Higgins. The guys chatted him up about Nightwing, Nightwing in Batman Beyond, sports (to the best of their knowledge), and if he could divulge any spoilers about the upcoming Nightwing announcement (spoilers: he couldn’t). If you’d like to check out Kyle’s work, be sure to visit the links below:

Nightwing on Comixology


Batman Beyond 2.0 on Comixology


The League


The second guest to grace the Let Us Podcast mics was indie writer / artist Dan Nokes. Dan actually came to Let Us Podcast for an interview, which was a first in the history of the podcast. He sat down with the guys to chat about his creator-owned work and what it’s like to be an indie comics creator. Some of his works include The ParanormalsImpossible Space Tales of the Last Pit StopThe Pistoleersand many more. If you’d like to check out some of Dan’s work, check out the links below, which includes a link to his Kickstarter for a Paranormals omnibus:

Dan’s Main Site


The Paranormals Kickstarter


[audio https://letusnerd.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/let-us-podcast-ep-29-kyle-higgins-and-dan-nokes.mp3]


3 thoughts on “Let Us Podcast, Ep. 29 – Kyle Higgins and Dan Nokes

  1. I know you folks Said the interview with Mr. Higgins was awkward, But I dug it. You got some great insights and the guy was pretty awesome.

    For Shame not getting the number though.

    • Honestly, the only thing that was awkward about it was the way we had to set up the mics in his booth. The way we did it forced me to look at the back of his head most of the time. Pretty tough to make a personal connection with someone when you’re burning a hole in the back of their skull. That’s why Greg and I are going to try to have a better setup next time we attend a con.

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