Let Us Podcast, Special Edition – Coming Back To The Corner Table

Hey, guys, it’s Leroy here. Last weekend at the WV PopCon, I was on a panel with my chum Greg Hayhurst and fellow nerdy podcaster Chris Farrell (ATGNPodcast.com). While on said panel, we were tasked with giving the listening audience some advice on what they should do, how they should, and what they should look out for when it comes to podcasting. All told, it was a pretty fun time, and I can’t wait to do one next year.

While there, I mentioned the first podcast that Greg and I had done called The Corner Table Podcast. And, it wasn’t until today that I thought that I should post up the first episode of that show from long ago. So, I sat down with my trusty Kyle Higgin-used mic and put together a special episode just for you.

May I introduce to you, after years of absence, the very first episode of The Corner Table Podcast!

If you’re interested in hearing the remaining episodes, we could upload them to the site. Just let us know by commenting below or by sending us an email to letusnerd@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you!

Until next time…


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